Cold Urticaria TODAY

The TODAY show this morning broadcast a segment on a girl who is allergic to cold (cold urticaria) similar to Annelise. Major praise that Annelise doesn't have it as badly as this girl (if you missed our snow allergy drama in Dec, read here and here) and that we get to move South next week! (BTW: the answers to the questions of the moment are movers Sun-Tues and flying down Tues! :-)) Luckily Annelise doesn't have problems with ice cream, air conditioning, or even cold packs on boo-boos that I've noticed, (although the gel with the thick plastic insulated coating isn't as cold as actual ice; something to think of w/ potential future injuries.) Praying it fades completely like many report is possible over time, although I really hope we're never in a cold climate, again, to test it out!!! :-D Super praise for national attention & validation!!!!!


  1. Thinking about you this week!!!! I hope that everything goes smoothly and just for the record the warm weather is supposed to be waiting on you when you arrive! (((hugs)))


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