We made our standard summer pilgrimage to Tweetsie Railroad on Monday - it was as magical as always! I can't ever put my finger on what makes it so amazing, relaxing, and safe...but it always feels like home. :-)

Annelise was thrilled that she's finally tall enough to ride their scrambler on her own:

Will was so excited to be able to reach the gas pedal and steer on his own in the country fair cars:

They love the tilt-a-whirl! (Ugh - it makes me ill! :-P)

Will with the Tweetsie Cowboys:

With our dear friend, Engineer Scott:

On Tuesday, we met up with my hometown BFF Wendy & her son Alex to just hang out. We had kid-friendly lunch at CiCi's (my kids' beloved fave :-P ...and there's not one anywhere near us) and then we headed over to the new Village Park train. Yep - if there's a train in the area, our fam will certainly find it!


  1. WOW! You were literally just down the street from me when you were on the Village Park train! We love going there at Christmas when they do the ride through the Christmas lights. :)

    We are heading to Tweetsie for July 4th! They are supposed to have a big fireworks display! I've never seen fireworks in the mountains! :)


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