I am really mourning VBS this year. (Just in case you aren't familiar: VBS = Vacation Bible School - a 2 or 3 hour program for 4 or 5 days one week in the summer, hosted by churches of all different denominations.) High Seas Adventure rocked our world last year, (Will & Sis *still* sing that CD all the time!) This year, there just wasn't one that fit our available times and the kids' ages. [The best option was the first week of June, but it was only for children who had FINISHED Kindy through 5th, so Sis couldn't have gone, and THAT would NOT have been OK in this house.] Next year, it totally won't be a problem, since they'll both be old enough to go to ANY VBS... But my heart still aches a bit that they aren't getting that short-but-oh-so-life-shaping 4 or 5 days of teaching. The fact that they STILL talk about God sightings from last year is testament enough to that! (My friend Michelle gets this, too.) And the popular PandaMania curriculum would have been SOOO perfect for them!!! I really need to let this loss go, but I'm having an awfully hard time with it. When I was little, VBS was for ages 3 & up, and they were almost always held during the mornings; now, they are almost all K-5 & in the evenings. (I do understand 6-8:30 PM helps working parents; but that's our dinner & bedtime. Yes - even in the summer. Unless we have guests, bedtime stays pretty standard at 8.) How can I get over this void?

My friend April posted her ABC's and asked us to play along. What are y'all's?

A. Age: 32 & 11/12ths
B. Bed size: king
C. Chore you hate: ALL cleaning & putting clothes away
D: Dogs: 1 beagle, Bonnie Blue
E. Essential start to your day: kids (b/c w/o them, I would stay in bed MUCH longer)
F. Favorite color: purple (& most of my clothes are some shade of blue, pink, &/or purple)
G. Gold or silver: yellow gold ALWAYS!!!
H. Height: 5'5"
I. Instruments you play: just my vocal chords
J. Job: wife, mom, singer, documentarian, webmaster, leader, cheer coach, actress, dance teacher, domestic CEO... [maid does NOT make this list]
K. Kids: two
L. Live: joyfully in Georgia
M. Mom’s name: Anne
N. Nicknames: Pink Mouse (from my parents, b/c I looked like a little pink mouse all curled up in my crib)
P. Pet peeve: NEGATIVITY!!!!!!!!
Q. Quote from a movie: Are you kidding? There's not enough time for me to type out the entire transcripts of Steel Magnolias and Gone with the Wind!
R. Right or left handed: left
S. Siblings: a "little" brother (2 years younger)
T. Time you wake up: 6:45 during the school year (poor Will's bus comes at 7:05) although I usually go back to sleep for 45 minutes after he leaves
U. Umbrella: in the car, but I never use it
V. Vegetables you dislike: peppers & celery = disgusting. I can pick out their taste in ANYTHING.
W. What makes you run late: Being late is unacceptable!!!
X. X-Rays you’ve had: my teeth at the dentist (praise God - never had a broken bone!)
Y. Yummy food you make: granola bars, barbeque, oven-fried green tomatoes, Asian meatloaf, sloppy joes
Z. Zoo – favorite animal: TOO MANY! snakes, lemurs, meerkats, cheetahs


  1. so glad to see you played along with the ABC's
    I know how you feel about the vbs. This year william understands I am dropping of his sisters and he isnt going so I helped at a VBS a couple of weeks ago so he could attend a class and he LOVED it.


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