Hair Horror

Y'all, I had a Shelby Eatenton Latcherie-esque breakdown this afternoon, complete with sobs for my mommy. [No! No one needs a kidney transplant, thank God!] Annelise had her 1ST significant haircut EVER (6" off!!! She's only had 2 tiny trims before in her life) and the lady went waaay shorter than I envisioned. :'( Annelise seems to like it, so that's fine; but *I* am FILLED with regret for chopping off those luscious locks!!! :'( [I already warned everyone on FB: don't ANYONE dare say, "It's just hair." I'm not an idiot; I know it'll grow back. That's not the point. Girls with long hair find this stuff traumatic; I cried for 2 weeks last time I did Locks of Love when it ended up too short - this is not unprecedented. :-P] UGH!!!!

We only did it, b/c I thought we should cut off what was damaged from the pool & summer, but it ended up not really being as damaged as I thought & had originally told the lady to cut! :'( I just want 2" back. That would make all the difference in the world. The other thing killing me is that it's NOT naturally curling at the bottom now, and if we just had the LAST bit of her natural barrel curls whacked off, I am going to beat myself up even harder.

Her hair is "cute" now; earlier today, it was jaw-dropping, head-turning, people-stopped-us-on-the-street gorgeous. Having 2" back would be sooooo less upsetting... She's not Rapunzel, anymore... :'(

Here it is: the too-dramatic 6" haircut that I completely regret.

Yes, OF COURSE she's still totally gorgeous, but her hair doesn't look BETTER than it did before. Blur out her stunning face in a yesterday and a now pic, and you can't tell me this hair is better. THAT'S what's upsetting.

[PS - she has NO IDEA I hate it or that I'm even the tiniest bit upset, NOR WILL SHE EVER!!!]

After the kids went upstairs to play, I hid in my bedroom closet, called my mom, and burst into uncontrollable tears, [which BTW felt AWESOME to release! I hate having occasion to cry, but a giant boo-hoo is so cleansing after you get it all out!!! Yay, catharsis!] I felt exactly like Shelby after she tells Truvy to chop off her amazing head of hair & then gulps with horror at the results. It takes her mama to reassure her that it will be fine. My mama knew EXACTLY how serious this is, wanted to cry with me, didn't make fun of me for crying over something stupid or tell me to suck it up, and said she knew exactly how awful it feels when stuff like this makes you feel so bad with your kids. ♥ ♥ ♥

We *know* it's "just" hair, and we *know* it'll grow; but that's not the point. I don't make fun of the people who cry when they send their kids to preschool; *I* didn't get upset sending my kids, (I danced for joy :-P) but I can empathize. I don't make fun of the people who cry at their kids' birthdays; even though it doesn't [yet ;-)] make me sad, I can empathize. I guess maybe if you've never had really long, healthy hair, you can't understand; I didn't have long hair until I started growing it out junior year of college, and only now do I feel this deep emotional connection to it. I don't know how to explain it...

Anyway, I don't have a time machine to go back and stop myself or the professional extension skills to go back to the salon, get her chopped locks, & hot glue them back onto her head :-P (yes, I daydreamed... ;-)) but now that I've gotten this out, I can exhale and move on tomorrow. Pray for FAST GROWING hair, y'all!!!


  1. She is still beautiful, but I understand! I hope her curls will come back with more length! You will really like Plains, BTW! It is such a cute and tiny town. Jimmy Carter still teaches Sunday School at his church and visitors are always welcome.

  2. Is her hair layered? My hair is naturally curly/wavy when it's one length, but much more so when it is layered.

  3. Thank you SO MUCH for the support!!! I'm not freaking out quite as much now, b/c it IS starting to curl under a bit = WHEW!!!
    Heather - it's not layered; we have thin hair (although a fair amount of it) so I'm very anti-layers for us. :-P We're not big on maintenance cuts (like twice *a year* :-D) so they'd look pretty awful. ;-)
    Monica - I cannot WAIT to explore Plains one day, and I would LOVE going to visit his church!!! I hope we can while we're here!!!!!

  4. I have the benefit of having a large quantity of thick hair, so layering actually helps me deal with the enormous weight of it. I would like to grow it longer, but it is just too darn heavy. My stylist and I joke that I lose at least a pound just by getting a simple haircut of an inch or two. And if you are anything like me, mine grows at least an inch a month, so she'll be back to Rapunzel in no time. :)

    My mom always used to make me get hideous Dorothy Hamill haircuts when I was little, and then in third grade I told her I wanted longer hair and I've had it at least shoulder length ever since. She even tried to convince me to shorten it when I graduated from college so that I would "look more professional", and I told her no way. I think Steve would cry if I came home with an Ellen Degeneres-type short haircut. :)

  5. My mom always kept mine cut short, too, (b/c it was so thin) and I *dreamed* of looong hair. I finally started growing mine out junior year of college, and I LOVE IT! (For the record, my mom really does, too. ;-)) I'm keeping it at least elbow-length for as long as I can pull it off! (Yay for my baby face. :-P) I'm not cutting Annelise's hair more than an inch at a time EVER again. If she wants to go pixie when she gets older, that's her call. [& I'm sure I'll cry, again, & call my mommy :-P] But as long as I get to choose, there will be NO Friday repeat! :-D

  6. I love long hair on little girls. Your little girl is so darling!! The hair will grow back and I think she still looks so pretty. I am kind of attached to my hair now too, it is so personal to woman. Your friend above talked about her mom cutting her hair really short my mom did the same thing, that must have been the thing of the 80's. Now my hair is long and it is kind of like a trademark. I don't want to be one of those 40 something woman someday who can't cut their hair though.


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