Slightly Succumbing to Savannah Touristdom

I started this morning on my own, while JB was in his conference classes, and I took the ferry over to find a place I've been lusting over since a blogging friend first mentioned it: The Paris Market. It is an amazing, eclectic brocante filled with all kinds of unique treasures. I haven't been in Paris in 12 years [typing that is heart-wrenching!] but this place is perfectly Parisian! Fully half the people in there were speaking French. They also have a coffee bar in the back corner, where I had been pre-advised to try the French Frozen Hot Chocolate with pink whipped cream:
It did not disappoint. Perhaps the best frozen chocolate concoction I have ever imbibed!!! Now *that* is a breakfast of champions. :-)

As I meandered back towards the river when it was close to time to meet JB for lunch, I saw The Lady & Sons. Now, y'all know I love Paula Deen, but I had kind of written off this experience, b/c the lines just to get a "come back & eat" time are usually so long, and I had heard mixed reviews, so I wasn't too keen on going out of our way. Everyone told us we should go to her brother's place - Uncle Bubba's Oyster House - instead, with the smaller crowds. We *did* pass it twice yesterday, but I just absolutely HATE seafood, and the only non-seafood on their menu is also at The Lady & Sons, so I figured I'd chat with the hostess about availability. Just out of curiosity. [BTW - Savannah is SUPER QUIET right now, with school back in session, next weekend being a long holiday one, & any spur-of-the-moment vacationers from this last weekend scared off by fears of Irene! We are so lucky!!!] To my surprise, the hostess gave me a "come back & eat" time of NOON! [It was 11:25, and JB's class got out at 11:45 = PERFECTION!] It was a no-brainer!!!

This was the ultimate in succumbing to touristdom, but also fulfilling a delicious dream. The reviews have been so mixed, but I am THRILLED to report we must've hit a "good" day! (Maybe Paula showed up for a surprise inspection? :-P) It was THE. BEST. SOUTHERN. COUNTRY. COOKIN'. OF. MY. LIFE.
The warm garlic cheddar biscuit they bring out as you are seated was the best biscuit I have ever put in my mouth. And I'm a Southerner! JB went nuts over the hoecake (a simple, savory cornmeal pancake) they bring you with the biscuit. I dove into the buffet, (against the grain for me; I am not a big buffet fan, but I had been assured that this one was worth it...and it was.) The fried chicken was as dreamy as everyone proclaims, but the pulled pork barbeque (y'all know I am a connoisseur!) was really wonderful. It was *NOT* sitting in grease, like most other sauced barbeque buffet trays I've ever seen, and the flavor was rich and fresh! The mashed potatoes were like a condiment - they made everything else on my plate that they touched even better. Oh, and the candied yams! Annelise would have gone nuts! (Those are her fave. :-)) They even had a hint of clove in the simple syrup - perfectly heavenly. The macaroni & cheese was the best homemade Southern-style I've ever had; normally macaroni & cheese on a Southern vegetable plate tastes of too-sharp cheddar with completely unsalted pasta, and it always disappoints me...but not this. It was seasoned perfectly! The only thing I didn't enjoy were the green beans, which were way too aggressively salted. I finally shoved down a small portion of banana pudding with fresh whipped cream.

Today's lunch is why I think of myself as a "foodie" instead of just a gourmet snob, b/c I love allllll quality food! I love country cookin', the neighborhood pizzeria, crazy international cuisine AND fancy modern gourmet creations. My life totally (happily! :-)) revolves around food!!! "What am I eating next?" :-D I am certainly eating a ton here, but I refuse to waste ANY calories on blah. :-D

I also don't think I have ever felt as full in my life as I did after lunch! :-D It's a weird feeling for me, b/c I am not a big over-eater. Usually, when things feel "off" with my tummy, I self-medicate with different foods & drinks - cooling ice cream, soothing teas, a spoonful of honey, the comforting carbonation of a diet coke, etc. But that would not do today, b/c the problem was that I was already too full! It was so weird. :-P

Tonight, we decided to go calm, quiet, relaxed, & slow-paced at dinner. We sat for ages at the lovely Belford's Savannah Seafood and Steaks,
nibbling on baked Brie in puff pastry with raw Savannah Bee Company honeycomb, baguette, & fresh berry whipped cream,
and later - of course - fried green tomatoes! :-D

The honeycomb got us longing to visit the Savannah Bee Company, again, so we skipped Belford's desserts in favor of going to the bigger SBC store on Broughton Street, just a couple blocks away.
Honey is just the most comforting thing ever. And we were SO GLAD we came up to the big store, b/c we got to try the #1 best honey that they were out of at the other smaller location. Remember how I couldn't pick a fave? NO MORE! The sourwood honey knocks all of the others out of the park! Our tasting was the perfect after-dinner treat. We also sampled their skincare products - the Royal Jelly Body Butter is dreamy beyond words... Certainly added to my wishlist!


  1. I've been around a lot of places in the US, but the closest I've been to the south is New Orleans. I LVOE reading about the traditions, people and food you encounter - it's so exotic to me! :)

  2. I love this!!! :-) My favorite things in life are cultural exchanges, as well! :-D


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