Spirited Work

I've felt a bit disjointed this week - not in a bad way, and maybe just as a result of coming off an enormously self-indulgent, care-free vacay :-D, but nonetheless, I felt like I was going in a million different directions with no clear breathing point...until now. :-) And now I can blog it out as a typed sigh after all sorts of happy matters attended to.

My 5/6-year-old cheer squad is cute, and apparently I am "the best cheer coach this area has ever had." (Ummm, seriously?!) Now I *am* loaded with spirit - I won the Marie Stegall Spirit Award every.single.year I cheered growing up (yes, ma'am!) - and I am super organized & put together when it comes to letting the parents know all info & expectations up front, along with making sure every girl went home with a complete cheer list at our first practice Thursday night. [Wow, OK - maybe I am extra gifted for this! :-D] I just know what I would ideally expect from a "with it" coach, and I make sure I provide that. Thursday night, I had the girls stretch & warm up, I taught them all the cheer arm motions (high/low V, broken T, go punch, etc.), how to start a cheer & show spirit at the end, and then we learned "Dynamite", "Roll It Shake It", and "Who Rocks the House". When I needed them to be quiet, I made them all look at me and silently do spirit fingers = my personal stroke of true improv genius.

One of my new cheer moms emailed me out-of-the-blue on Friday that her daughter had the BEST time Thursday night, is "soooooooo excited", and had to show everyone in her household all the cheers she learned. YAY for unsolicited edification!!! :-D

Logistics: football opening weekend is Sept. 17th, but after that, all games will be Mondays, Tuesdays, & Thursdays, when practices usually are now. There aren't as many cheerleaders as there are football players, so our squad will cheer for different teams...BUT since *I'm* the coach, I get to pick the games we cheer, so we will DEFINITELY be cheering for Will's Falcons & then the teams of any of our other cheerleaders' brothers. (We also practice at the same field & same time as Will's football - again, b/c I'm the coach, & I got to pick! This coaching business is a win-win-win! :-D) The actual game schedule won't be made for another week or so, and then I get to come in & cherry pick which I want us to cheer. YAY!

I feel extra accomplished re: Junior League stuff this week. I got a few MAJOR web issues resolved, which made me feel like a total rockstar. They're way too involved (& boring :-P) for me to expound upon here, but trust me - this was HUGE (re: web email aliases & Google listings.) I also started a public FB fan page for our League (feel free to like it!) which pretty much just mirrors our website; but these days, if your organization doesn't also have a public FB presence, you're in the dark ages. :-P Now I get to explain all this to everyone at the General Membership Meeting this coming Thursday night. :-) Whenever I transfer into a new League and feel like the newbie, I always want to make sure I'm pulling my weight...and I usually end up going overboard, b/c...I don't know how to do it any other way. :-P

Going on vacay up to the 1st of the month made bill-paying seem reeeeeally long, since I paid the ones due on the 1st way early before we left and still came home to all the rest trickling in 4-6 days later.

I scored some major shopping deals this week: a Spanx bathing suit on clearance at Target, and then a local Southern gift shop here had a store-wide 30% off sale Friday. I already had a $20 gift certificate I only had to pay $10 for through a local Groupon, so I got $27 worth of Christmas presents (yes, I've started collecting) for that $10 I already paid. Nice!

I had six pages-worth of pics to digital scrapbook, just from August! It's something I stress myself out over when they begin to pile up, so scrapping them all these last two weekend nights while watching TV with JB has been a great [self-imposed] load off! :-) [If you want to know HOW to digiscrap, (or at least how *I* do it) click here for all my details. (You can see these pages below a little bigger by clicking on each one or more so by going here and clicking on each, although they're listed in backwards order.)]

With as much as I love football, you may be surprised to know I have never done fantasy before. Until today. Our household officially has a team with our great friends' (my parent's neighbors') league. We are called - of course - SkinsBandwagon, and the draft today was actually fun! Peyton Manning (as he's kind of already a member of our fam) is our QB. I can't see myself as a hard-core owner, checking stats daily, (I'll probably forget to change out our players on their bye weeks :-P) but this afternoon was cool. I'm just ready for some *REAL* football!!!


He said he is completely bored with circles, so he is spicing up his "circle the correct answer" worksheets like this. He particularly likes the ones that look like a shark & a gator. He received the "Good Worker Award" for the week in his class, so hey - apparently it's working! :-D


  1. Oh my goodness... your son's artistic circles crack me up! I have a child who does that too. Too cute!


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