Beyoncé the Chicken & Bubble Tea

What did I give my Mommy for Christmas? Her very own Beyoncé!!!
Who/what is a Beyoncé? Read this!!! [Language caveat]

Today I got one of my ultimate favorite beverages: bubble tea. There is no bubble tea in southwest Georgia...and that really stinks; so I'm trying to get my fill as my time here winds down. Annelise & I got taro and almond milk tea with bubbles today, and I *LOVE* how the purple taro actually matches my Gelish polish!
[Photo credit: Princess Pumpkin Peach, as I held her tea]


  1. Susie. You look gorgeous!!! This is a perfect color top for you!! Where is the red lipstick?

    And you are amazingly tiny !!!!!!!

  2. THANK YOU!!!!!!! ♥♥♥ And you are RIGHT: I should've worn the red with that! I just didn't think to put it on that day, b/c we weren't seeing anyone in particular. :-P

  3. Oh and look at those eyebrows!


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