Christmas Card 2011

Our Christmas card this year is the fulfillment of a dream for me! Several years ago, in the middle of our frigid northern exile ;-), I had this idea...and I kept it on the back burner (with lots of prayers!) for the year I knew would come, when we'd move back home to the South. I am overflowing with gratitude that it's NOW and I *finally* got to do it!

We had a quick, ten-minute family photo shoot in one of the cotton fields near us in south Georgia back in October. They are everywhere around us, and harvest-ready cotton fields are more beautiful to me than any snow-drifted landscape could ever be. These are the fields of white I can deal with! ;-)

A beautiful shot of our happy children:

And *the* card:

Merriest Christmas to all my beloved family & friends who take time out of your lives to connect with and draw closer to us. Thank you for blessing us with your prayers and your presence!


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