Backyard and Baseball Bonanza

I am bursting with photos to share that we took of our Southern Dream Backyard on an impromptu walk out back after Will's baseball game Saturday! I keep waxing ecstatic over the wisteria & azaleas, the Spanish moss in our trees, and how it feels like living in a resort; I can't get enough...of our yard or my cutie team-spirited fam! :-D

This is four photos merged into one big panorama of our whole backyard from the other side of the bridge:

Photo credit: Annelise :-)

Photo credit: Will (He loves turning the camera diagonal to take pics, but they turn out well! :-D)

Dreamy wisteria:

Afternoon sun:

Spanish moss holds my heart...

The view from our back door:

I know we won't be here forever, (don't even ask, "Do you know how long you'll be there?" NO. No clue, so please don't ask - speculating when you're in a happy place only creates stress) but I want to enjoy every second! :-)

Since our yard shots are full of baseball spirit, I'll close with two more baseball bits.

Will at bat:

And this video of Will batting tonight and getting on base! *WARNING* Turn your sound WAAAAY DOWN before playing, lest your eardums be blown out by my screaming mama cheers...


  1. What a lovely view!! I can see why you love it there. And the kids are just too cute!!!

  2. Spectacular scenery! I can't even imagine living someplace where you see that from your house.

  3. I am so thankful EVERY.SINGLE.DAY!!!!!!!!!


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