Cowfish Crack & Kiddie Spa

On Wednesday, we *FINALLY* got to eat at The Cowfish! Brie apple cranberry turkey burger with sweet potato fries for me, teriyaki noodle bento box for Sis, & tuna roll sushi for Will - this menu is SOOO US! The only flaw was JB's absence. Hand-spun milkshakes [caramel espresso malt & grasshopper (choc w/ fresh mint)] also HEAVENLY! The kids had so much fun playing the video screen games inside the table top - we sat there for ages...

After lunch, we drove to my hometown to visit Grandmommy...but The Cowfish had obviously put crack in my kids' milkshakes. They were INSANE in the backseat on the way - they pretend baptized each other; Will pretend gave Annelise a horrific haircut that she was instructed to be upset over & pay for w/ a gift card; they tried to suck each other's fingers before we fussed stop; they made up nonsense nicknames for NASCAR drivers they don't like; they cackled with maniacal laughter... I was so torn - I love listening to them have fun together, but I was about to lose my mind over the constant decibel acceleration. :-D PS - they had the chocolate and were completely crazed; mom & I had the caramel espresso malt and we were about to fall asleep! What?! PPS - Nasty NASCAR nicknames: 29 = Kevin Milligo Bunhead and 2 = Brad Poopaloopy ;-)

Thursday, Annelise was treated to a spa day at Shug-A-Bug Kids Spa (pronounced "Sugar Bug" w/ the appropriate Southern accent, for my yankee friends. ;-)) thanks to LaLa. She *LOVELOVELOVES* getting to do stuff like this!!! (So far, the things she's most excited for in TX are Sugar & Spice and Sweet & Sassy.) She sits so still for and relishes every single service! (And has since she was just under 3 yrs old!!!) Yesterday, she got an up-do, chocolate facial, chocolate pedi, & mani:
Note: her mani motivated her to *NOT* suck her right index & middle fingers for the last 36 hours!!! :-O (First time she since she discovered them at two months old! I can't say whether or not she has caved as she sleeps tonight, but hey - baby steps. :-P)

Friday morning, we met up with one of my senior-year college roommates, Amanda, and her two boys to just hang out. We didn't care what we did, as long as the kids were entertained long enough to let us talk. A surprisingly simple splash pad worked:
Amanda & I share such a similar parenting style (loving, involved, but anti-coddling/helicopter parents: "You fell down? I'm sorry, Love. What do you want me to do about it? Shake it off. You're fine." :-D) and we had a ball catching up, conjuring inspiration, eating, & laughing together.


  1. I think Mitchell has the same swimsuit bottom as the kid jumping up!

  2. Ooh, that menu sounds wonderful!

    Looks like you and the kids had some fun times!


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