(Early) Michigan Christmas

We didn't have the easiest time with our flights on Thursday, thanks to Winter Storm Draco hitting the midwest at the exact same time, (& did you know Houston Hobby airport has no Sbux?! :-O) but we DID make it to the in-laws for Christmas this weekend!

(Early) Christmas Eve, writing letters to Santa:

MATCHING GYMNASTICS LEOS!!! Wait - for Daddy & Sis or Sis & her American Girl???

The Blakes got BOOTS for Christmas! We're official Texans now!!! :-D

Blake Art Entrepreneurs: the kids got a few art supplies in their early Christmas haul. Completely on his own, Will began drawing pics...and then holding art auctions, making the family bid on his works! Daddy fell first victim; then Grandma caved for a Christmas tree of Will's. Not to be outdone, Annelise got in on the money grab, selling "Rudolph Kissing Santa" for $2.75, herself:

Blake Cousins:

The Blakes 2012:


  1. Merry Christmas, sweet friend! I do think it is funny that you had to travel all the way to Michigan to get your boots!

  2. They were tops on my list! :-D My mother-in-law DID order them from TEXAS! ;-)

  3. Wow, your hair is looking super-blonde...must be all that sunshine in Texas! And that is too funny that John's mom ordered boots from Texas for you guys!

  4. ...and it's too bad that we were flight-hopping at the same time and missed a chance of being in MI or NC at the same time! :(

  5. You know, JB said the same thing about my hair yesterday!!! I like the TX sun theory - I mean, I WAS wearing a sundress & sandals in 80°F Wednesday! :-D Maybe it's also the Moroccanoil making my hair healthier & shinier = reflecting more light? Whatever the case, I LOVE how bright it looks!!! :-)

    And I hate the we missed you in MI! :-( I thought about you the couple times we were out & about in Brighton, when you had posted you'd eaten at those places. :-D

  6. I absolutely LOVE that Annelise is wearing her boots in almost every picture! You guys make such a beautiful family! :)

  7. Thank you!!! And yes, Annelise still loves those boots! She wears them every chance she can get! She was pretty bummed that she couldn't wear them today, b/c it's PE day at school. :-D


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