*Giant sigh* Y'all, I am crushed: last week I showed up at my Yin yoga class to discover my teacher quit the gym without notice. Jaw. Floor. She was so involved there (also worked in the day spa!) - it's not like she just had one class. I asked the assistant department head if she was really gone; the only reply was, "Yes. She felt this was the right move for her at this time. I do not know any other details." (Of course, my thoughts instantly trend to the department head, hoping she didn't run my friend off...but with no facts, I let that go. No need to let extra strife & negativity enter the picture.) It was just so sudden. We're all stunned; and honestly, I'm a tiny bit hurt that she didn't give just me a little heads-up as a fellow employee who's been devoted to her class since I was hired. The new guy is great; very different - less stillness, more working for active restoration. ...But she was instrumental in encouraging me to commit to this.

I know an axiom of yoga is letting go & not getting attached...but I'm not good at that part. When you give your body over to someone else's care & direction, you build such intimate trust, whether you're jamming to Zumba or lying in Savasana!

Then this week, my sweet friend who teaches my outdoor gazebo yoga announced she's moving to Phoenix! :-O This *was* the last scheduled outdoor class until fall, (it breaks over the summer,) and she had mentioned rumbles of this possibility a few weeks ago, but still. I lost the two women who gave me my yoga foundation in the span of five days. I had never practiced yoga until last October, and these two women showed me such earnest, tender encouragement! I've fallen in love with it. I feel better physically: I have more flexibility now - in just over half a year - than I've had in my entire life, I feel like my immunity has been boosted, I recover more quickly from my Zumba classes, and I'm more in tune with my body overall. Mentally & emotionally, I use the meditation as a time of adoration & thanksgiving prayers - which is healing & fulfilling in & of itself. [My prayer life is full of supplication (I imagine I'm not alone ;-)), but I find it interesting(refreshing) that my brain doesn't go there - to all the "stuff" - during yoga. I just want to keep thanking God for how good He is!]

So yeah, I love yoga, and I'm bummed to lose two gifted guides who started me off on my journey. I know God won't ever leave me hanging :-P and while I miss my Yin friend, I am choosing to focus on the new benefits from the new guy. With the outdoor class, I'll still see my yogi friend a couple times before she leaves, (Annelise wants her to do our henna when school gets out, :-D) and I'll keep praying for God to send someone wonderful to take over by fall...

A few of us went to beloved Sbux with her after the last class this week, just to spend some quality time actually talking (instead of breathing through sun salutations ;-))

She told me: "Keep shining and lighting the whole world, girl!"

OK. I will. :-)


  1. You always have such a positive perspective on things - makes me smile! :)

  2. I know you'll find new and wonderful yoga teachers to help you continue to practice. I've been doing it since 2005, and it never ceases to amaze me how many wonderful instructors there are. Sending you good instructor karma right now! :)

    In the end what matters most is
    How well did you live
    How well did you love
    How well did you learn to let go


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