50's Style on the 50th Day

Many schools do this, and I would have absolutely eaten it up as a child: wearing 1950's-style outfits on the 50th day of school! My friends (yes, those twin friends ;-)) & I were talking about finding poodle skirts last week...when one of them said, "I think I can just make them for us." For really really real?!?! Yep. We bought the fabric, and she did! Genius!!! Her daughter was the cutest: she said all of the girls were "The Poodle Sisters" today. :-)

I had a poodle skirt when I was younger - it was my dance recital costume in 5th grade...and it was perhaps my most favorite costume I ever had...out of FIFTEEN YEARS of recitals! :-D


  1. I did this for Halloween in middle school, and my mom made my poodle skirt. :)

  2. I have never heard of schools doing this on the 50th day. They look adorable. Those outfits are AMAZING!

  3. The girls look adorable! What a fun day to celebrate at school!!


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