Singing Saturday + Haute Wheels Food Truck Festival

Saturday was HUGE FUN!!! A girl I sing with at church is a vocal coach and a theatre director here at our local visual & performing arts center. We really click & enjoy singing together, so she asked if I would sing a duet with her at a big arts festival this Saturday. OF COURSE!!! I was honored!!! She picked a gorgeous Sutton Foster song, "Flight". Sutton Foster is one of my favorite Broadway stars; we have a very similar style & vocal range, so it was PERFECT!

We performed twice; the sound on the first performance was a little harsh (mic feedback), but you can still click to see it. :-) Here's our second performance of the day:

After a super morning of singing, JB & I took the kids into the city for the Haute Wheels Food Truck Festival! DELICIOUS!!! First stop: my beloved steamed pork bao [Asian steamed bun (bao) filled with barbeque pork]

Then: crêpes, Vietnamese treats, gourmet PB&J, Southern desserts, Mexican Korean barbeque fusion, etc.

JB's big winner was a Vietnamese Hashbrown Melt: sandwiched between two hashbrown patties, bahn mi pork, sriracha sauce, and an over-easy egg...viola, Vietnamese Waffle House heaven! :-D My steamed pork bao won for me, but the arrancini with tomato jam and the gourmet PB&J were delish! The crêpes disappointed slightly, only b/c the crêpe batter was a bit pancakey (thicker than wafer-thin crêpes). I wish I would have had enough room in my tummy to taste a burger with a doughnut for a bun and a gourmet grilled cheese with bacon jam, :-D but I'm still excited to eat the ginger beer cake ball & cookie dough-stuffed Oreo I brought home!!!


  1. Oh my goodness - I got so hungry reading this!!

  2. I KNOW!!! I wish I could eat that stuff all the time!!! :-D


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