Atlantis: Dolphin Cay Shallow Water Interaction

Friday, March 13th: bucket list item ✓
Dolphin Cay Shallow Water Interaction! Venture into the crystal blue waters of one of the world’s largest marine habitats. The Shallow Water Interaction at Dolphin Cay is an unforgettable experience where you engage with Atlantis, Paradise Island’s resident bottlenose dolphins and discover just how playful they can be. Guests wade into waist-deep waters and get nose-to-bottlenose for an unparalleled, up-close adventure with their new dolphin friend. Prepare yourself to be amazed as they show off their incredible athletic abilities right before your eyes!

Our rescue dolphin was named Maru, and she was the cutest 3 year old:

Family ♥

We all got to kiss & pet Maru!

Hello, Christmas card...

We also got to play with Maru: give high fives, have her swim back and forth under our hands, splash us - the whole thing was just completely enchanting!

And still much more vacay to come...


  1. Even JB kept saying it was so much better than he even imagined it would be!


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