Annelise's Ranch 9th Bday Party

Annelise's 9th bday party on her actual birthday, Saturday, April 25th, at Fellowship Ranch ended up being a GORGEOUS day! We were SO THANKFUL God answered our weather prayers - the severe storms completely cleared just as we pulled in - WHEW!!! The kids had an absolute blast with the paddleboat, barrel train, mule muddin' ranch tours, horse & goat feeding, tree swing, barrel & wagon relay races - JOYOUS!!!

And Saturday evening, with the GRACIOUS gifts of precious friends & family, Annelise saved enough to welcome the American Girl of the Year, Grace, into the family! Happy birthday, my love! Je t'aime!


  1. We were SO BLESSED that God gave us that good weather! It was quite aways from our home, and we drove through nonstop storms to get there. When we pulled in, there was still lightning & all grey skies; within 15 can see the sunny pics! PRAISE!!!

  2. Do you print out your blog to a book? I love these pictures and the one at the garden one post up. You have documented so much and I love how you can make books out of your blog if you haven't.

  3. I don't print my blog, b/c it's so long, the last time I looked into it, it would've been hundreds of $ for Blog2Print. I *do* archive it (save a copy on my hard drive) every now & then, though, and I've thought about doing this one day: but I would want to get to a logical break point.
    What I *DO* do with my pics, though, is digital scrapbook them, and I do have those books printed out. :-) I'd rather have pics in my hands to look back on than words. ;-) Here's my latest:


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