Sweet Summer Start

Our summer has started WONDERFULLY!!! I have banned all electronics in the mornings (after they had a big fight over them the last morning of school. I said, "Nice timing, kids. Happy summer, y'all!" :-P) and it's made a beautiful difference in their (esp. Will's) attitudes. Use in the afternoons is dependent upon behavior the rest of the day. It's worked great this first week!

We hit Surfside Beach with friends from football & cheer on Saturday:

Because cool parents say, "Ooo! Let's all get pics of the kids together with the real shark they found!!!"

It absolutely could NOT have been a more gorgeous day!!! I swam most of the time, b/c the water was so warm. (Look! Proof: me walking in behind Will's head! ;-) And JB stunting the cheer girls back there, too! :-D)

This weekend was Promotion Sunday at church for kids 4th grade & up...meaning BOTH Will & Annelise! (We promote the older kids now, so they get to spend all summer doing cool stuff with their new, older church groups.) They both LOVE their new areas, & Will is esp. excited to get to do Junior High youth group activities.

We all developed a great love for the Blackhawks when we lived in Chicago, so we've been watching them intently in the Stanley Cup playoffs. JB has 2 jerseys, so Will & I pulled them out of his closet to cheer:

Other happy randoms: the kids are registered for summer reading (through the library) & math (via TenMarks) programs. We survived our A/C going out & the house heating to 90° Sunday afternoon before a nice repairman arrived in just a few hours. (It needed a new part & was leaking oil - I didn't know A/Cs could leak oil. :-P) The kids have taken to falling asleep on our new couch (while we watch hockey or Steph Curry play basketball) and sleeping there ALLLL night. (Will hasn't slept in his bed since school got out. :-P Annelise: once.) We got a cool cheer surprise! (Dedicated post coming...) Running cheer is CRAZY BUSY (we're at 230 girls, so far - up from 118 at this time last year!!!) but I love that I'm actually making things BETTER!!! We're flying out [the kids & I; JB has to work :'(] to NC to visit my fam, and I *FINALLY* found a Zumba sub to cover my classes next week - WHEW!!! (I had almost reached panic stage!) Time to finish packing...


  1. Sounds like a great summer for y'all so far! We had a wonderful vacation with family last week and are settling in to our summer routine this week - love it!!

    That electronics ban for certain times of day is a good idea; for now, we've set time limits for each day, so we'll see how that goes.

    Hope y'all have safe travels and a great visit with your family!


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