Killen's Barbecue

Last Saturday, we made a pilgrimage with some our of best Texas BFFs before they move back to Virginia next week. :'( We had to do something Texas bucket we headed to Killen's Barbecue: the No. 2 rated barbecue destination in America for its smoked brisket!!!

It did NOT disappoint. We waited in line for under an hour (that's awesome on a Saturday at 12:30 PM, y'all! :-P) while staff brought free keg beer to those in line who wanted it and water to those of us who didn't. They also had several umbrellas to shade us from the sun until our section of the line got up under the HUGE shady oak tree, at which point we passed the umbrellas back to those now in the sun. :-) It was totally pleasant!

Inside, we ordered ALLLLL the meats! :-D The brisket was as amazing as touted, but I actually loved their pulled pork! (What can I say, it's just my fave meat ever.) I'm getting that next time with their stellar baked beans!!! The ribs were also outstanding. I got their bread pudding, b/c it's one of my fave desserts, and I fancy myself a bread pudding connoisseur: y'all, it's made out of croissants!!! HEAVENLY! Random super star condiment: their bread & butter pickle slices! They were so good, we filled a to-go box with them. Not kidding.


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