Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale Fashion Show 2015

Apparently, this will become an annual tradition. :-P Even though I *almost missed* one of the only two days all year I care about clothes shopping, I still managed to score some amazing items! My focus was on tops, b/c I don't need any dresses, and they didn't have any shorts left that I loved.

I got TWO long-sleeved!!! The pink boatneck is so soft & flattering, and the navy coral is even a light sweater! (It was $24 down from $118!!!!! :-O)

Happy simple basic tee:

I am not a tube top girl, but I was in LOOOVE with this ("Pink Samba") print, and this was the only item left available in it. I am SO GLAD I pulled the trigger, b/c it's the first tube top I've ever worn that doesn't constantly slip down!!! (Now this may also be due to the fact that since I've lost so much body fat the last two years, I've also lost two full cup sizes, and there's not much left to push the top down, :-P but hey. I'll take it! :-D)

Finally: COATS! They were cheaper than the quilted coats at Costco right now, and they're Lilly print!!! Plus, mine is truly REVERSIBLE! Solid navy on the other side, if I ever want to be...quieter. ;-) (I wish I would have known how small her size ran. Annelise's fits fine now, but I doubt it will last for multiple years. Oh well.)


  1. Such pretty pieces - I really love your coat!! How happy that would make me all winter :)

  2. That's EXACTLY what I was thinking: this coat will make me so much more cheerful in my least fave weather! :-D


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