University of Houston Cheer Clinic

We had an AMAZING experience last Sunday: University of Houston Cheerleading invited me to bring my whole youth league to a FREE all-day cheer clinic! (FREE!!! The 3-hour clinics put on by our local high school squads are usually $40-$50 per girl!) Only about a third could come, b/c it was on a Sunday with less than a week's notice; but for the ones of us who did go? We learned a TON, bonded closer not only with our squad but with the other girls in our league, and gained better technique & confidence. It was fantastic!

It was a "Teddy Bear" clinic, b/c every girl brought a new bear or book to donate to children with cancer! We got to do something good for others AND take this awesome clinic!!! WIN/WIN!
Yep, I got in on the stunting action, too! We couldn't let the girls have all the fun!!! :-P

Annelise also learned how to Superman sunt:

You know we sooooo worked this into this week's halftime show. ;-)


  1. What a great and fun opportunity!

  2. It truly was!!! I'm so bummed more of my girls didn't make it, b/c the ones who went grew so much!


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