Redemption Kick-Ups

We had the most perfect football weather EVER this Saturday: sunny 70's!

We did TobyMac's "Backseat Driver" again for halftime this weekend. (Please ignore my direction! :-P) We changed the stunts and got redemption on those couple muffed kick-ups! This video also shows the whole group, instead of just Annelise's side:

So, you'll notice we're not doing a new dance every single week this season. Since we're cheering for a completely different team & new set of fans each week, we're going to do about 4 total and repeat those, each time making several elements (esp. stunts) harder, better. It will be easier on both the girls & me, and the dances will (should!) look better & better.


  1. Their pink cheer outfits are adorable! Alayna is doing cheer this year, and I can barely wait until basketball season starts!

  2. Nice job - they're all so cute!!

  3. Thanks, y'all!
    The pink is a HUGE hit & everyone in youth league wants them. :-D (Backstory: our league goes through 6th Grade for football & then the boys play for their junior highs. Our (Will's) football team "graduated" after last season, but almost all of my girls are still in elementary school & wanted to keep cheering. There are tons of teams w/o cheer in our senior football division this year, so since I run the program, I decided to form our "Dream Team" to rotate around & cheer for as many different teams as possible, since none of my other girls have a brother playing in the league, anymore. Our league has licensing from the NFL to use their logos & mascots, so I had to find a color for our Dream Team that didn't also already appear in the NFL. All the girls love purple & teal, but purple = Vikings & Ravens and teal = Dolphins. Pink was it, and it works extra well, because it plays into the pink many teams wear in October for breast cancer awareness month.)


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