PiYo Live Instructor

Y'all! I am now a certified PiYo Live Instructor!!!

What is PiYo, and how did this happen?

PiYo is "inspired by pilates & yoga" but it's definitely not half of one, half of the other. It's a low impact, fluid workout that focuses on building strength & improving flexibility. It's the polar opposite of my Zumba practice: Zumba is high impact cardio dance, while PiYo is low impact strength & stretch. Low impact is *THE* key! The movements are dynamic & follow along with PiYo-provided popular music - it's not like just holding stretches in Yin yoga - but it doesn't jar your joints. There are 10 different sections, so it's not the same thing for the whole class. I love this format, b/c it's everything else I want in fitness that Zumba isn't: strength (using your own body weight instead of free weights), quality cross training, flexibility improvement with the stretches, low impact for my joints, & restorative while still burning calories.

I got to take my instructor training last week at the Empower fitness conference, which lucky for me, was held at the fancy corporate gym where I teach on Wed & Thurs. It took all of the butterflies away to know exactly where I was going to train and to be on my home turf. :-) We had a Master Class and then completely broke it down, piece by piece, to learn how to teach it to each other. I'm certainly not ready to start teaching it professionally, yet; (I could totally limp through & give you a decent experience today, but) I will be rehearsing the cueing, counts, & level modifications for every section on my own at home until I get it down solidly before I try to get it on a regular class schedule somewhere.

Pray for me to do my best rehearsing on my own, for God to present the perfect class-adding opportunity when it's time, and for me to also keep up my Zumba practice with just as much attention.


  1. Thanks for explaining what PiYo is!! Actually sounds like something I might enjoy :) Hope you're able to get a class at just the right time!!


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