Happy 2021...

Happy 2021...

No, seriously - Happy 2021! :-D

I know everyone was thrilled to bid adieu to the dumpster fire that was 2020, but to be very honest, 2020 was not as exceptionally cruel to us as 2019.

Will doesn’t have a deep passion for school either way :-P so he is just fine with virtual. He plays basketball outside with his close friends every other day, and they have an official rec league team together again this winter:

Annelise officially prefers virtual school - it’s been perfect for her, as this has been a year of completely redefining her personality & preferences: no peer pressure steering her away from being true to herself (*not* that she ever bends to peer pressure, anyway! It’s a stunning hallmark of her true self: she really & truly does not care what other people think – a gift & quality I wish I had or could even cultivate!)

A few people have pityingly said, “Oh, I hate that Covid has done this to their high school experience!” No, thank you - there’s no reason to feel like that. We’re good! It’s been interesting to see other people project their own disappointments our way, when actually we’ve probably personally gotten more peace in 2020 than 2019. Our 2019 losses are not yet redeemed, but having the whole world on hold hasn’t felt oppressive or restrictive - in fact, exactly the opposite: it’s felt *freeing* not to fall prey to FOMO! (“Fear of missing out” - no one can travel or do the big things we really can’t afford to participate in right now, anyway = peace.)

Closing with my Faves of 2020:

💿 Songs:
Ben Platt “Run Away” (so beautiful!)

BTS “Dynamite” (silly, but it just makes me happy, esp. the key change at 2:47, & I love how all 7 members each get to shine!)

Enneagram - I’m a 3, & I love learning more! 

🎧 Podcasts:
Brené Brown’s Unlocking Us (the. best.) 
Joyce Meyer’s Talk It Out 
Phil Vischer’s Holy Post (yes! the Veggie Tales guy! such high quality, in-depth analysis) 
Jen Hatmaker’s For The Love 
Mo Gawdat’s Slo Mo 
Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History 
Leah Remini’s Scientology: Fair Game (fascinated to hear more about this awful cult after watching the whole Aftermath series!) 
Dr. Laurie Santos’ The Happiness Lab 

📺 More TV I loved - TV’s my favorite:
The Great British Bake Off
The Crown
Call the Midwife
Cobra Kai
Queen’s Gambit
Crazy Delicious 
Somebody Feed Phil
Jack Whitehall: Travels with my Father
World on Fire
Little Fires Everywhere
The Morning Show
The Undoing
Murder on Middle Beach
I’ll Be Gone in the Dark
Unsolved Mysteries (Netflix reboot - same creepy theme song from growing up in the 80s!)
Dead to Me
Derry Girls
Drag Race
The Politician 
Last Chance U
On Pointe
Over Christmas (auf Deutsch)
The Challenge (Will & I just got into it together this year - love sharing competition shows like this, Amazing Race, Big Brother, & Survivor with him!)


  1. Ha ha love Bernie in the corner there! :) Your attitude about how 2020 played out is encouraging to me, and I'm so glad you see the benefits in it for your family.

    What great basketball plays!! And I love that your list of podcasts you enjoy is about as long as mine would be!


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