Any Given Sunday

For my non-psycho-football-fan friends, this phrase in football means that on any given Sunday, any team can beat any other team; a weaker team still has a chance against a stronger opponent. Most of the time, it's just rhetoric to make perennial losers feel better...but today, it actually rang true! My 2-6 Redskins beat the 6-2 Broncos, and it feels FANTASTIC!!! For better or (more often) for worse, my mood hangs fairly heavily on the Skins during football season. It's been a rough last month, but today - today my team showed up, & I am on cloud 9! My kids were decked out in their game day gear, (yes - even though we were such severe underdogs & watching the game out in public ;-)) and we watched the whole thing at BWWs. Sis cheered so hard, she fell asleep on her chair:

We are hard core. :-)

And the bad news? The biggest football fan in the world has a football injury, and I didn't even get to play. This is so stupid, but last night, I sneezed really hard out of nowhere and snapped my head back, giving myself a stinger! I feel like I have whiplash from a car accident. I can barely turn my head, and IT HURTS. This really sucks. But it would be WAAAAAAY worse, if my Skins had lost...


  1. I thought of you yesterday driving past Amedeo's North in Raleigh. They had a sign in the window about being an Official Redskins something or other. :-)

  2. Sorry, but the sneeze injury cracks me up. Totally something I would do.

  3. oooh - that's what happened to my neck about a month ago. it stuck around for a few weeks which is the reason behind my desparate visit to a chiro last week. i can actually turn my head while driving without having to move my entire torso. i hope yours goes away soon!!!

  4. Phyllis - I LOVE that!!! :-)
    Emily - It *is* pathetically hysterical. I can totally admit that. :-P
    Liz - I hope this fades w/o outside intervention. :-( I think I'm going to give it a couple more days...


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