Dental Wonder & KidsLink Downrange

Who would have ever thought that the dentist could put me on such a high? I have dreaded going to the dentist my whole life. It's probably b/c I can't remember going a single time in my life where I didn't have some unpleasant issue. I have the softest, cavity-prone teeth. I seriously would rather go to the gyno than the dentist. So I was terrified taking the kids in for their first real visits today. I brush with them every night & even have them using fluoride rinse already, but *I* do all that stuff, too, and still have problems, so I was worried.

Wonder of wonders: they are BOTH cavity-free and actually had a ball! Color me ecstatic!

The only "unpleasant" thing is that they gave Annelise an Ariel stamper as her reward, and she has now covered both of her arms entirely in purple ink. *Sigh* Thanks, doc. Really, a sticker would have sufficed.

Will *is* better today, too, so THANK YOU SO MUCH for your very powerful prayers!!!

Yesterday, we had a MOPS Steering (leadership) meeting. I feel so blessed to be our coordinator! I wanted to share a service project we will be working on in January & February, esp. in light of what happened at Fort Hood yesterday. Our military families really need to be lifted up, so we're doing "KidsLink Downrange" - we're preparing kits with cards, stamps, & envelopes to send to the children of deployed soldiers. We've been planning on doing this since July; yesterday was our kit # pledge day, and guess where our kits will go? Fort Hood.