We didn't plan on this tonight. We had been trying to make the kids clean up the playroom for almost 2 hours. At the last second when I came in to inspect their work, I saw that they had just piled everything in two corners of the room...and I had enough. Not in a fit kind of way, but in a sudden "no, we're going to do this right" kind of way.

We had tried to go through all of our toys to donate a bunch several times, but each time we sat down, the kids (and I admit, I) would keep finding reasons to hang on to 99.9%. Out of nowhere on the spur of the moment tonight, my kids were honest & realistic, and they chose to pack up an astonishing amount to give away! I am so proud, I can hardly stand it. Proud that it was their decision, and proud that, in a few sentimental cases, they were strong enough to give away several baby toys that I would have found a reason to hang onto possibly forever.