Heat Addiction

Is it possible to be addicted to heat? I'm serious. I just broke out "our warmie" (the Presto Heat Dish from Costco) for the first time this winter, and I cannot get enough. I don't want to even get up to go to the bathroom, b/c I'll have to leave my heat & get cold. I'm like this year-round: I turn on my mom's heated seats in her car the second I get in & sit down - even in July. When my van is overheated, I sit in it for several minutes before turning on any air. I dream of saunas & hot tubs, and my favorite pastime is basking in the sun. I cannot stand for fans or air to blow on me where I can feel it. I always want a blanket or cover up. From around October through April, I usually don't take off my coat to sit down & eat in restaurants. I think I officially have heat addiction...


  1. I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to having a space heater blowing on me lol. However, I really should stop... Like, it's right under my desk and blows directly onto my feet/shins and I actually have burn marks on my right foot and shin now :(. Also, I just realized that this post was like 6 years old, but after writing this much already...

  2. It's OK! We live in Texas now (frigid Chicago when I wrote this) where it's 80° today...but I still have that heat dish in front of my place on the couch, and if it's in the 50's at night, I'm turning on the space heater beside my bed, too. :-D Being back home in the South hasn't lessened my addiction one bit!

  3. OMG I thought I was the only one addicted to a space heater, i love the sounds it makes and the heat sensation on my skin so relaxing, I even had the space heater on when I lived in Florida with the central AC on blast for my roommates lol


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