My Current Fave Food

I am hopelessly in love...

...with Trader Joe's Honey Plantain Strips!

I could seriously eat several bags a day. I'm trying to control myself with one.

Prayers for Will - I got called to pick him up from school with a high fever today. It *needs* to break, b/c the kids both have their dentist appointments that we've been waiting on since July tomorrow morning!


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  2. Abby's last dentist appointment had to be rescheduled because of strep (in August). I hope Will is feeling better soon...and hope the rest of the fam can stay stay healthy (it's no fun when everbody shares that).

  3. are they healthy? i'll have to check those out.

  4. Thanks, Phyllis! I'm praying we dodged a bullet this time!

    Sharon - as sweet snack foods go, *I* think they're healthy. Low sodium, a little vitamin A & C, and since they're from Trader Joe's, I know they're not full of processed junk.


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