Out of It

I've been feeling kind of quiet. Not down, but just...quiet. Rare for me. :-P

I'm not on the Oprah or Twilight bandwagons, either, so I'm not wrapped up in the emotional departure announcement or the fun hype of midnight showings. Eh. I've watched 5 Oprah episodes in the last 10 years, and I would *MUCH* rather see "The Blind Side" at the movies. (Cannot WAIT for it!)

I've just been quiet this week, watching my "WWII in HD" mini-series while the kids are at school; I think God gave me this neck injury, b/c I would have never just sat down and enjoyed watching it all guilt-free, otherwise. :-P I have to say, I am almost back to good on that front, as well. :-) Woohoo!

I think I also feel a little out of it, b/c everyone is swirling around with their Thanksgiving preparations, whether it's menu planning or packing to travel...and this is the first year in I-don't-know-how-long where we have no big plans. Usually we host one or both sets of grandparents, as well as some friends - the last two years we've also had our British friends over. But no one this year, and we're not going anywhere, either. Kind of a bummer right now. I'm sure it will be rather nice & relaxing next week to have the luxury of time & being able to do whatever we want without juggling anyone else's ideas...but it does kind of stink right now, while everyone else is getting ready for big things. I love the planning and build up to holidays & events!


  1. Oprah what? don't feel bad. I did go see a movie at an insane hour of the night, but I could have waited weeks to see it. I just thought it would be fun to do with my friends. Read the books though!

  2. if you were only closer! i just invited some new friends over for dinner for thasnkgiving because they have no family nearby. i wish we could do the same for you guys!
    maye take this time to find a new restaurant and eat new foods for your thanksgiving meal. then go to the movies with the kids, and christmas shopping to the places open for a few hours on christmas day. maybe you can start a new mini family tradition to do each year UNTIL YOUR BACK HOME FOR GOOD!. :)
    hang in there sweets...love you!

  3. i want to see the blindside movie too! i haven't watched oprah since the 90's when she started getting into that crazy new-age stuff. i'm not into vampires. period. so, i'm right there with you!

    holidays can be hard when you're used to big family/friends events. its hard, but i hope you can see past the sadness and enjoy this holiday with your family. maybe you can start a new tradition this year with just the 4 of you! something special that you will cherish over the next decade!

  4. Thanks, Loves! I am so thankful for y'all. Having your friendships is such a bolstering blessing! MWAH!!!

    I will certainly keep you posted on our Thanksgiving happenings! :-)


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