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I felt productive today, in a fun way. I actually hung up all of the clean laundry (a rare feat; I usually pull outfits out of the clean baskets) and then I took all of Annelise's hair bows into her closet to see which ones went with her cold-weather outfits and what others I can still make for her. Making hair bows has become a new favorite hobby of mine! I'm going to revamp my LaLa's Girls Swarovski crystal apparel website to add hair bows on there, too, b/c I actually enjoy making the bows even more! The crystals are stunning, but a lot of work; the hair bows (esp. the standard ones) are much quicker. I'm an instant-gratification kind of girl. ;-) [But don't get me wrong - I'll happily still be doing crystal work!]

JB & I watched "Away We Go" last night when he got home from work. I looooved it. It started a bit slow, but I loved seeing not only the different crazy characters, but esp. where they ended up... I cried when they opened their back door; I knew exactly what the view was going to be...

These are links that friends of mine have actually tried and know they aren't gimmicks:

Get a free Snuggie here! (Yes, a Snuggie! I keep hearing friends who have gotten them as gag gifts and now adore them, so I'm dorkily excited. I ordered burgundy - hail to the Redskins!!!)

Get a free audiobook download of Desiring God by John Piper here. (I haven't read or listened to this - and honestly don't know when I will - but it's the whole thing for free, usually $17. Why not?)



  1. Of course, I had to get my free snuggie and audio download! Thanks for the info. I wish I could get Abby to wear hairbows for more than 5 minutes. Maybe I just haven't found the right one yet :-)

  2. My mom said I would never keep bows in my hair, either, so I was terrified that Annelise wouldn't like them; but I think it's been a combination of luck & sheer persistence! Now she doesn't want to leave the house without one - woohoo! Mission accomplished. ;-)

  3. love reading this-i cant wait to order a shirt those are so cute!! also i'm so excited about my snuggie too!

  4. Ash, you're the sweetest!!! And thank YOU for the Snuggie link!!!

  5. Susie-
    I haven't checked out your blog until now.
    I miss you at the other place.
    Is there some way to subscribe to your posts here?
    Did you get your Snuggie yet? Is that for real?

  6. Jen!!! I'm not sure how subbing works exactly. You can be one of my "followers" and my updates will show up in the list of blogs you read on blogger. Maybe I can sign you up for personal email updates or something? Send me your email:

    I'm blogging every single day this month, though, so that's easy to remember for now. :-P

    And I haven't gotten my Snuggie, yet, (I'm sure it takes 6-8 weeks or something ridiculous) but my friend Ashley's friend (whom we got the link from) got hers!

  7. Oh, good, I'm all subscribed with Google! I don't know how to "follow", though...will give that a whirl.


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