What Lights Your Fire?

I'm trying to make a Christmas list for myself to give to JB & my mom. (I put 5 things I really want on the list I already gave to JB's mom, but I don't need doubles, and there's no way that doesn't sound rude to ask, "Will you tell my mom to buy me everything on my list that you won't?" :-P) One of my BFFs laughs that I am the anti-shopper; I truly can come up with reasons NOT to buy almost anything. I'm the girl who walks around a store holding something for ages...and sets it down right before I leave. On the flipside, I get SUPER excited for all of the purchases I deem worthy enough to truly make. I want to show the world! :-D

[I don't Black Friday shop, either. I love the idea of big ticket item sales, but we don't really need any of that stuff, so why buy? I do love the spirit, though! My mom & I always used to go to the mall that day, not to purposely buy stuff, but just to feel the excitement & spirit. :-) ]

So this is taking some thought, b/c I only want to ask for things I *really* want & would buy myself. #1 on my list? A Redskins jersey. #2 - a blown glass Redskins Christmas ornament.

I am so serious. (And all of you who really know me aren't the least bit shocked,) but how many women out there have a football jersey as their #1 wish? [I'm even more excited that I found a super cheap one that's perfect on eBay; I'm showing JB as soon as he gets home! ;-) ]

The Redskins are one of my greatest passions. For as long as I can remember, they've been a part of my life. Some of my happiest childhood memories are of football Sundays in a dog-pile on the couch after church. My mom & dad would go through the Sunday paper, and my brother & I would play/color/etc. - but it was all while the Skins played in front of us. "Hail to the Redskins" was one of the first songs I learned, (and one of the first I taught my own kids!) Supporting the team stands for family togetherness to me. I get really worked up whether they win or lose; I think JB might root for them now, just so he doesn't have to deal with my reaction when they do lose.

So in thinking about how much the Redskins mean to me, I have to wonder, what lights YOUR fires??? What stirs you up, fills you with passion...and makes you want to buy *ANYTHING* that's remotely related?

Jesus is my number one, but I think it's easy to get fired up & hyper-emotional over His grace & blessings!!! I'm wondering what the less obvious, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th place passions are in your lives. Fill me in! (And I may even jump on your bandwagons!)

PS - I also get super fired up over music, so click here and get THREE FREE Amazon MP3 downloads!!! :-) Love y'all!


  1. If I saw any apparel with "Kalamazoo" on it, I'd figure out a way to buy it! I'm passionate about things that remind me of my childhood, or my "home". I'm sure you can understand that ;)

  2. My thing is Salt and Pepper Shakers. I have a couple hundred (I've lost count) already. Most of them are in boxes. And... I don't have a single duplicate. My Grandmother collected them (and still has most of my collection--I won't take them from her house until she's gone.... it's just not right)! Some of them date back to WWII! The ONLY rules: 1. They can't be "ordinary". 2. I don't buy them for myself. I have never bought a single set for myself...they always come from others.

    My sis is coming home tomorrow from a cruise to Mexico. "What do you want me to get you?" "Mexican Salt and Pepper shakers! I don't want them 'Made in China' either! lol"

    I could get a set from everyone and love each of them equally! (If you find Redskins ones, let me know... I want them! I'm a skins fan too!)

  3. Michelle - YES!!! I think you hit the nail on the head for so many: anything that means "home" - AWESOME!!!

    Leslie - I love that!!! And I *really think* I've seen Redskins pig (for the Hogs) shakers somewhere before!!! These are too boring: http://shop.redskins.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductID=40486

  4. my big passion is the chronicles of narnia, not only because it reminds me of my childhood - sitting around my dad's armchair while he read those stories to us, but also the amazing way God has used the books in my adult life to draw me closer to HIM and reveal a different side of HIS character.

    anything Chronicles of Narnia, i buy - the new movies are great but i usually stay away from the movie trinkets and stick with stuff that reminds me of the books, not movies.

    one birthday, i got a necklace with a lion in it and i wore that thing for a year straight. i had aslan wrapped around my neck all year and it was a daily physical reminder that God is with me, in all circumstances.

  5. I had already guessed yours! ;-) LOVE the necklace story!


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