The Cookie Shoppe

Friday morning, my hometown girlfriend here, Jamie, & I went to lunch at the most delightful sandwich shop ever! The Cookie Shoppe is quintessentially Southern.

It's been there for ages, the walls are filled with WWII-era newspaper front pages & area memoribilia, the decor is old school. I felt like I was back in my hometown at one of the old places that disappeared 25 years ago. The ceiling even stole my heart: tin tile, a la Charleston. I took this pic through the window yesterday while we were downtown for Mardi Gras. (It was closed, but my mom wanted a peek. :-))
Their menu is classic: egg salad, chicken salad, & pimento cheese sandwiches, cold cut subs on fresh homemade bread, homemade soups, and and homemade cookies that come with every meal, (hence The Cookie Shoppe). I still can't get over not only how good their egg salad, chicken salad, & vegetable beef soup were, but how being there made me feel so wonderfully at home: classically old-school Southern.