Falling Home

I actually won a Southern lit book giveaway a few months ago, and *sound the trumpets* I finished Falling Home in less than a year! :-P Seriously, I hate starting & stopping books - usually the death knell of any reading material for me - but even with two big breaks (hello, we moved!) I powered through & the characters kept me wondering enough about their lives to keep bringing me back to the end. The timing of Falling Home was pretty amazing - I began this book about a young 30-something going back to life in her Georgia hometown from NYC the week before JB got our Georgia job offer. Quite obviously, I related fairly closely to the point of the story - only with my feeling opposite of the main character, who was reluctant to go back & found it easier to escape in the anonymity of NYC. I feel a little more like her sister, who magnified everything precious about their Southern life. For me, my time lived outside the South only served to amplify its glory in my mind, (although I do think my time away not only helps me to appreciate it more, but also has made me more well-rounded & a better world citizen.) I found the plot fairly predictable, but the "southernness" was worth every delightful moment. Thank you, Michelle!


  1. I am impressed that you have found any time to read with the move and all! Yeah, for you!!! Glad you enjoyed it. Keep an eye out another give away is coming as soon as I receive the book from the publist and it is another great Southern author! (((hugs)))

  2. Oh, yay!!!! I cannot wait! I LOVELOVELOVE the idea of the book with the lists of what every woman should have!!!!!!


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