Magnificent Moments

My hometown girlfriend, Jamie, captured the most amazing shots at Will's t-ball game. My words won't do them justice, so here...

That last one is like a dream come true for me!
BTW - Will's team won HUGE Monday night! They didn't even get to bat the bottom of their last inning, b/c they were so far ahead, they called the game. Hoping it wasn't beginners' luck... ;-)


  1. I am so happy I got some good shots. As a mother who is *NEVER* in the picture because I am taking it I DROOL when I do have one of me and my kids! No worries now though because you have me and my camera is fixed and I am ready to click away!! When it warms up we will do some family shots of all of you.

  2. Jamie - you just spoke right to my heart!!! I am bursting with ideas! :-D
    THANK YOU, Katie!!!


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