Calhoun, Cotton, & Carp

JB indulged me today: we went out to Calhoun Produce for "fall activities" - wagon ride & farm animals:
playground, honey bee house, & [JB's ultimate in "I'd rather not"] this three-acre corn maze:
We had fun, though, and in the maze's defense, it was so easy walk - no rolling your ankles over random, rock-hard corn cobs. They plowed the path before it was full-grown, so the path was clear & easier to maintain. JB's goal was to get us out in record time...and he did...but then the kids & I had us all turn right back around to go back in & find all six hidden farm animals before we'd leave. :-P

We ate lunch there, and I had perhaps the BEST homemade vegetable soup of my LIFE! The tomatoes were the freshest I've ever tasted in a soup, awesome assortment of beans, peas, & corn, and no peppers or celery! :-) I bought two pints to freeze at home!

There was a professional photog offering quick mini sessions there today, and I *FINALLY* had my dream of THREE YEARS realized!!! We got - what should be - our Christmas card picture taken in the most dreamy harvest-ready cotton field I've ever seen in my life. I don't want to give all of my card details away, but trust me - you'll see around Thanksgiving, and I am SO EXCITED!!! We haven't had a pro family picture sitting since 2007 (?!?!?!?!?!) so we're hoping at least one comes out well enough for us to want a wall print. [I'm crazy cheap & critical, so we'll see. ;-)] She said she'd hopefully have the proofs on her website Wednesday-ish, so fingers crossed!

When we came home, the kids wanted to go fishing in our backyard with our neighbor's son who was out there. It's been ages since it's been cool enough to really fish, [I. Don't. Fish. I want no piscatorial part!!! I hang out, converse, & touch nothing. So the definition of "cool enough to fish" is actually "cool enough for JB to want to fish" - and that's been since April. First weekend afternoon since then under 80°!] so out we went...and Will reeled in his first big one! It was just a carp, but that was actually perfect, b/c it was big, it was a reel (ha! :-P) challenge, and then we didn't have to kill, clean, or eat it. [WHEW! ICK!]

The leaves here actually *ARE* showing tiny hints of color, [even though it's still been 85° by afternoon until today, we've had most overnight lows at 50°, so the trees know it's fall :-)] and I just absolutely could not imagine a more gorgeous, comfortable autumn day for all of us!!!


  1. I love fall days like this!!!! We have been busy and haven't found a free day to have some fun like y'all did YET!

  2. I love that we both ended up in high cotton, though!!! :-D


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