"Education Rocks" & Silhouette Spirit Decals

On Thursday, Will's 2nd grade class put on a program with another class called "Education Rocks".

This was the first of their four songs; Will's rocking out in the front row to the left of the mic stand. He said the girl beside him's hair kept tickling his nose! :-P (I'll spare you from the robotic "Information Age" song that is still stuck in my head! :-D It does get a lot better than the short clip I took. ;-))

He was *SO PROUD* to have not one, but TWO speaking parts. He got a regular line:

("Everything we learn and everything we know gives us power to think as we grow." Pardon the tinny audio - YouTube said it had an audio transfer error?) Then he also got to say at the very end, "Dr. Johnson, do you have any announcements?" Now that, THAT was the pinnacle of awesomeness to him. :-P (Hey, I get it. ;-))

Also, his school PTO is having an auction next month, and each class is putting together a basket to be included in the bidding. Since his teacher is a hard core UGA fan, she asked for items for a Dawgs Basket. Instead of spending money on fan gear, I used my Silhouette SD to craft a fabulous contribution!

An advantage of the Silhouette over the Cricut is that it will cut out *any* shape - you don't have to buy it on a cartridge. I simply googled & saved a random UGA logo,
opened & had it automatically traced in my Silhouette program,
and cut out 3 red vinyl logo decals & "Go Dawgs" for use on a car windshield, favorite cup or water bottle, clipboard, cooler, etc. My contribution is versatile, it took me five minutes from start to finish, & since I already even had that vinyl, it was FREE! *Supermom!* ;-)