Gelish: Frenching Myself

My first Gelish at-home mani was one day shy of three weeks old this morning:
when I noticed the first two little chips along the side of two nails:

Since I have the luxury of doing it at home now, instead of spending $35-$55 for a change at the salon, I went ahead and - for the first time - didn't try to make it last for over a month. :-P I decided to get ambitious and do a French mani on myself. :-O (Ambitious may be an understatement - I am NOT known for a steady hand!)

I used two coats of Sleek White just on the tips and one coat of Light Elegant on the pink of my nails. I have to say, for my first try ever? I am crazy impressed with myself! :-D

The BEST part about a Gelish (or any gel polish) French? It won't look dingy in 48 hours! I will take the photo evidence to prove it still looks this nice in two weeks! It's just amazing to me to have a French that was actually worth the effort!