Sunday, March 27, 2011

Family Weekend: T-Ball, Scooter, Zoo

My in-laws came to visit this weekend, and we kept the action pretty nonstop! We introduced them to the hardcore world of Dixie League t-ball Friday night, with Will's team winning 20-12. They also got to meet our best friends here, who came out to support Will, too. :-) [PS - comfortable, positive resolution to last week's drama: even though we had taken no offense whatsoever, there were other circumstances we didn't know about, going back to last year, so it was justified. The new head coach was one of the assistants, so the kids still know & trust him. There's even a more fun & inclusive spirit, so prayers answered.]

Saturday, the Grandparents took Annelise shopping for an early birthday present, since they'll be in Florida for her birthday next month. She picked a pink Sweet Pea Razor scooter, since she loves riding Will's blue Razor so much, and she's been out front on it almost every waking second we've been home. :-) This morning while she rode around, Will practiced t-ball with Grandpa & broke in his new batting gloves.

Yesterday afternoon, we finally made it out to the zoo here that we've been dreaming about. (We are *SUCH* zoo junkies!!!) It's small, but impressive for the size. They have a great assortment of animals (our faves: snakes, gators, wolves, meerkats, cheetahs, lemurs & a black rhino) in a gorgeous setting. It's very lush & super wooded with lots of shade, (YAY in summer!) The animals came incredibly close to us, (not sure if that's normal, or if we were just lucky? It rained a little earlier in the day & was such a comfortable high 70's temp.) JB signed us up for an excellent membership package which even has a tour with the Animal Curator bonus we can take sometime this year!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Working on My Heart

This may sound odd, but it's much easier to lean on God in the hard times, when everything's miserable, falling apart, & He's your singular hope. We cry out to Him to save us, help us, make us better. The scary thing is, when He's blessed us & our dreams have come true, after the initial euphoria of praise, THAT is when it's easiest to slip away from depending on Him and giving Him as much attention & conversation as we did we when were on the brink.

I don't want that to be me. I cried out to Him every day for years, #1 for His will and for whatever was best for our family, but then always #2 to pleasepleaseplease let that be in the South, if it can fit in His will! ;-) [PS - And for Him to take away the deep longing in my heart, if that wasn't His plan.] Now that we're back here, I do NOT want to fall into complacency. I don't want to just say, "YAY!!! Mission accomplished!" B/c it's far from it. Just b/c I had a long growing season before arriving at this overflowing spring of happiness doesn't mean I should be OK with finishing at this point. I want to keep growing.

I want to keep my heart open to His promptings...and I found one on the side of the road. I can't help but marvel driving around down here - the weather, everything growing & blooming so beautifully = ALIVE!!! But I've noticed a couple homeless men who trade off days standing at the exit ramp off the highway I drive b/t Annelise's school & home. The juxtaposition of their post with the Family Fun Park my kids obsess over (happy place of parties & leisure games) across the street got me. I kept thinking about these guys, but I didn't know what God wanted me to do.

One day, the kids asked why that man was standing there. We talked honestly about how some people have really tough stuff to go through, how blessed we are, and then we prayed for the man - that God would work miracles in his life and that He would help him get whatever provision & healing he needed to get a fresh start. Will & Annelise both wanted to invite him to stay with us, and I thought instantly back to asking the *same thing* when I was a child: I didn't understand why Walt Rainey, our town's homeless man who rode a bike, couldn't come stay with us. I said, "Why don't we think of things we can give him."

I've been a little annoyed over two moves now by a few nice-but-bulky, loooong shelf-life edible items we don't use that I've wanted to throw away, but just couldn't bring my cheap-self to do. Now I think God had us haul them across three states just for this purpose. It may sound cheesy or totally nuts, but after praying for direction, I feel like we all got a perfect one for that moment.

From Ann Voskamp:

A pail with a pinhole loses as much as the pail pushed right over.
{A whole life can be lost in minutes wasted, small moments missed.}

Homemaking is about making a home, not about making perfection.
A perfect home is an authentic, creative, animated space where Peace and Christ and Beauty are embraced.
{Perfect does not equate to immaculate.}

Joyce Meyer said something today that's also really sticking with me: when we pray the Lord's Prayer, we feel all holy & spiritual; but DO understand that it says, "God, forgive me the same way I forgive other people." We can pray our heads off for something, and if it's not happening, could it be we have people to forgive first before God will work for us? Matthew 6:14-15 Always powerful to hear!

And finally, one more gem from my friend Beth's Bible study: "Humility is not thinking more of yourself, not thinking less of yourself, but thinking of yourself less."

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

This is the Stuff

For those wishing for my glorious 85°F weather, instead be glad you missed my Francesca Battistelli "This Is The Stuff" morning. :-P

[If you don't know this song, you should!]

Will woke up with a blazing fever & missed school the 1 day I had to go to the DMV to get my new Georgia license. [I reallyreallyreally freak out over legal stuff - it's just one of my irrational quirks: I'm terrified that I'm going to get denied or get in trouble for some completely unintentional infraction; so when I worked up the courage to actually go, it was a BIG DEAL for me.] Will & I went on after dropping Sis at school and arrived with every legal document required...except, I only realized when seated, my valid Illinois license still in JB's wallet from WingFest. *Sigh* (See - it's impossible for me to have a drama-free DMV visit.) Sooo, JB & I drove 30 minutes to meet up & exchange, and then sick Will & I went back to the DMV...for 3 HOURS!!! THREE HOURS!!!!!!!!!! Have mercy, (or like me afterwards, a milkshake.)

But it wasn't the end of the world, and at least I'm a real, legal GA driver, again. :-)

"In the middle of my little mess
I forget how big I'm blessed
This is the stuff that gets under my skin
But I gotta trust You know exactly what You're doing
It might not be what I would choose
But this is the stuff You use"

Monday, March 21, 2011

Waiting for Heaven

We had a lovely (literally! Did you see our backyard?!) weekend. We got through a lot more boxes, I got my tomatoes & cucumbers planted, we went out with our friends here Saturday night, we went back to that church, and Kyle Busch swept the NASCAR weekend. :-P (It still tickles me that I am CHOOSING to list that as a weekend highlight! :-D)

But my heart is so very heavy... An old friend from home just had a son, Carter, 5 weeks ago. (His sister & I were BFFs in elementary school; I spent AGES at his house!) Carter was perfectly healthy, until they went to the doctor last Tuesday, b/c his temp was very low. He had contracted bacterial meningitis, and is now terminal. They've set up an update page through the hospital (what a blessing to have a central info location, so no one has to make 500 excruciating phone calls!) and I can't stop stalking it. I've had closer friends go through horrific stuff with their children, but for whatever reason, this is cutting right to my core. Please pray for Carter & his family - for God's will, for His peace that passes all human understanding, for him to feel no pain, for this to make their family stronger together instead of ripping them apart with grief, for miracles to come out of this situation. (If you want to read their whole journey over the last week & their latest updates, here's the page.)

In an odd (nay, providential) twist of timing, the last week people have been talking  nonstop about the book Heaven is for Real. Y'all know I have a shabby track record when it comes to reading, much less in any sort of timely manner...but the thought of this book has been sticking with me closely - even before I knew a thing about Carter. My radio station has talked about it, and then he was on the Today show this morning. I just went straight out & bought it. (JB will be proud - I never buy books! :-P) Of course I will post whenever I do get through it, but I feel there is a sense of national shared experience surrounding this book right now, and I want to share in it...

From Journey to the Cross:
God's power neither competes with us nor seeks to dominate us. It loves us, shares itself with us, and sustains us. Dear God, forgive me for the times I have withdrawn from you. I did not understand you wanted me to share in your overflowing being. Thank you for your empowering peace. Amen.

Backyard Bliss

This is our backyard...
Wisteria, Spanish moss - the stuff of my dreams! (Click to see it bigger!)

I come from a long line of fisherman, and even though the gene certainly skipped me (I like fish in the water, never on my plate!) my kids have the bug, and it feels like a dream to them to be able to go right out our backdoor. Here's Will with our neighbor's son Saturday morning:

Friday, March 18, 2011

Political T-Ball

Another great day: Zumba (it was better than last week; still doesn't KILL me like my last class, but no doubt I'm burning something! ;-)), shopped for cookie sheets (does NO ONE make an Air Bake knock off that's not $20??? I *HATE* dark, hard cookies - parchment is my friend), made chocolate chip muffins (a half-batch of the super healthy/crazy easy pumpkin ones!), my kids had a playdate with the sweet new neighbor kids (we worried there were only retired people in our new neighborhood: there are just 9 houses total, and only this one other fam has kids...but they have SIX, bless their hearts!), & Meatslangers barbeque for dinner (LOVE their sweet & creamy potato salad!)

...But then I got exposed to the local t-ball politics. :'( Y'all, I know I've said it before, but the league here is NO JOKE. It is EXTREMELY SERIOUS business. They are grooming major league World Series winners. (The latest? Buster Posey, who won it with the Giants this last year & was the National League Rookie of the Year. He went to Will's school & was groomed in this league. He's not the only one...) ANYWAY, I don't have a problem with the intensity. I actually LOVE it. I say, play to win!!! But you KNOW, in every [esp. volunteer] organization - be it sports, church, the arts, community service, etc. - there's always a few that like to stir the pot. Now I have no idea what's going on, what prompted an apparent sudden board meeting tonight, or really any details at all...other than at the very end of practice tonight, one of the moms whom I've become friends with came over & whispered, "Don't say anything, b/c he doesn't know, yet, but they're removing him as coach." Huh??? Who complained that our coach wasn't doing a good job? And why? I think he's been fine. There have been a few tense moments in the heat of the game, but there have been with EVERY coach I've seen this season. I am SO GLAD that I am *NO* part of the to-do, but I *do* feel sick over others' hurt feelings... I just wanted to burst into tears when we walked over to the huddle right after she told me, where he was telling the kids how well they worked tonight. He apparently has no clue. That kinda sucks, unless he really has made some great offense that I don't know about. And honestly, he may get over it, but his son is on our team, and now his parents will probably pull him off. So what does that do to our boys? How are they going to explain why coach & his son are gone on Monday? I hope that doesn't hurt our kids still on the team. PS - today is coach's son's bday. :'(

Maybe I'm being overly sensitive. "It's just t-ball." But daggummit - my kids get uprooted from their comfort zones constantly, and esp. my super sensitive Will *CLINGS* to people like his teachers & coaches for stability, so that's why THIS IS NOT COOL WITH ME! I don't love this guy as a person all that much - but Will respects him as his coach, and we're winning. Big. Will even called him over to the van as we were buckling up to say, "Thanks, Coach! See you Monday!" Coach told him, again, what a good job he's doing and gave him a few more things to work on this weekend. :'( It made me feel weird to know he won't be around Monday.

Am I being crazy to care this much, when I don't really even know these people? I just want a good experience for Will. Period. And maybe he won't even really care. Maybe it'll be just a blip on the radar to him & he'll embrace whomever shows up Monday...but until I know that for sure, I can't stop churning over this...

Edited to add:
It worked out just fine! :-)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today's Good Stuff

Wisteria in full bloom & everything lusciously green; Southern lunch w/ Jamie - turkey, dressing, creamed corn, broccoli salad, & cornbread; my navy sundress 30% off at Old Navy after waiting several weeks for a big sale, new hand soaps, & new eyeliner for which I've been questing; over 80°F for the foreseeable future; pool guy came & cleaned the pool; relaxing evening  WITH JB :-) at t-ball practice; gas went down 6¢ overnight and 10¢ since last week; "Our God" on the radio = life is awesome!

Stream of Consciousness

I've been feeling very...sporadic this week. Maybe I'm too tired from late t-ball nights to focus on any one thing for very long. And I'm so extremely emotional - I'm crying at the drop of a hat over a song, a memory, a story on TV - esp. re: Japan.

I've been rolling in nostalgia: for whatever reason, I cannot wrap my head around the fact that we were still in Naperville this time last year. Last St. Patty's, the kids & I got Five Guys, a cupcake, & had the best time along the riverwalk. That quite literally feels like 4 or 5 years ago. We've really lived in FOUR homes in the last 12 months: Naperville, NC for a month and a half, Northville for 8 months, & now here. And *don't get me wrong* - I LOVELOVELOVE IT HERE!!!! :-D But there's no doubt that all that change takes a toll...and maybe now that I'm where I want to be, I'm allowing the last few years to finally hit me...even though we won't even be *here* for long, either. (After this short term assignment, they'll probably move us outside ATL. Super yay, b/c we love it there, too; but again, more change. Not thinking about that now, though.) Need to focus on settling here, while we're here - hence the "urgency" in finding a home church, which is also weighing emotionally on me this week. A church home makes my kids feel secure, and I need to give them that gift ASAP.

Another culprit of my hyper-nostalgia is unpacking. We didn't have an office area in our Northville home, and we didn't unpack a lot of stuff in Naperville, so for the first time in years, I'm seeing my yearbooks & my high school memorabilia, which is then amped up to another level, since my sweet hometown girlfriend whom I went to middle & high school with lives here now, too. I am living on Memory Lane lately. :-P

ANYWAY, b/c I feel so all-over-the-place, enjoy my stream of consciousness...

A Few Pet Peeves:

Smokers who light up in front of their children. Disgusting, foul, & crude. There is NOTHING trashier. Period.

People who use bath towels only once before washing them. Why? Did you not just get all clean in the shower? What a waste of laundry time, water, & power.

People who use manners to act superior to & regulate others, instead of using them to make the people around them comfortable. The point of having good manners isn't to regiment life; good manners are supposed to foster hospitality & friendliness. They should put people at ease, not make people feel like they don't measure up.

From Me on FB:

I wanted to kiss Will for finishing 80% of his homework on the bus Tuesday!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ Esp. with a late t-ball game that night!!! ...And then he & Annelise started screaming & fighting over Monopoly. Mommy euphoria zapped to irritation. :-P

I watched Lombardi on HBO - fantastic!!! I know everyone's hyped up on basketball, but my sports heart longs for FOOTBALL, (esp. since I no longer live in the frozen tundra & dread fall!!! ;-))

I finally got to Zumba for the 1st time on Friday since moving. The people were SO sweet & friendly...but the only classes during the hours kids are in school here where you don't have to pay to join a gym or the Y are Zumba Gold (low impact). Not as fun (less detailed choreography) but I guess I'll take what I can get. I kicked it up on my own (a little embarrassing, b/c I didn't want to look like a 1st timer show off! :-P) ...but it was nowhere NEAR as exciting as my last class.

I couldn't figure out what weird noise my swagger wagon was making as I sat with the lift gate up at t-ball practice last week...and then I realized it was the low mooing of the hundred+ cows in the field across the road. :-P

I felt blessed last night: ran into 3 of the cool people I liked from the church we visited Sunday at Target & AGAIN immediately after at Chick-fil-A, so we all ate together. :-) It was really comfortable! We also got free Icedream = BONUS! ;-)

I Suggest:

Groupon! If you haven't yet, click on my link to join Groupon. I've gotten great deals - the local aquarium, coffee shops, kids' amusement park, & today: half off a family membership to a local planetarium/science-history-railroad museum! - and this is just a TINY city! If you join through my link & get a Groupon, I get a bonus, too. So get on it, so we can get deals together!!!

Journey to the Cross! This free online daily devotional is speaking to me so deeply. I cannot recommend enough! (But I do turn off the music. ;-))

Box Score:

The Dixie Yankees finally lost their first t-ball game Tuesday night 17-19. It was a battle of the last two unbeaten teams in the league, but hey - now we don't have the pressure of that first loss looming over us anymore. :-P We can just win all the rest. ;-) We're 4-1, which feels pretty awesome to me!!!

Pilfered Holiday Advice:

My friend Collen (she does hospitality for my 1st/last MOPS group - so creative!) had a great St. Patty's morning FB post: FYI - if you have never had the leprechauns arrive at your house on St. Patrick's Day, you should. The boys are cracking up at green toilets, green milk, green cinnamon rolls, kiwi, and of course, Lucky Charms for breakfast. The green is bringing us lots of luck & the leprechauns are only here one day. Ha, ha, ha - the days of green beer are gone and green milk is in! :-P

Love it!

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Falling Home

I actually won a Southern lit book giveaway a few months ago, and *sound the trumpets* I finished Falling Home in less than a year! :-P Seriously, I hate starting & stopping books - usually the death knell of any reading material for me - but even with two big breaks (hello, we moved!) I powered through & the characters kept me wondering enough about their lives to keep bringing me back to the end. The timing of Falling Home was pretty amazing - I began this book about a young 30-something going back to life in her Georgia hometown from NYC the week before JB got our Georgia job offer. Quite obviously, I related fairly closely to the point of the story - only with my feeling opposite of the main character, who was reluctant to go back & found it easier to escape in the anonymity of NYC. I feel a little more like her sister, who magnified everything precious about their Southern life. For me, my time lived outside the South only served to amplify its glory in my mind, (although I do think my time away not only helps me to appreciate it more, but also has made me more well-rounded & a better world citizen.) I found the plot fairly predictable, but the "southernness" was worth every delightful moment. Thank you, Michelle!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Going Forward in the Wilderness

We "church shopped" again this morning - 1st time we've had to look around & not fallen instantly into the perfect place b/c of my involvement in MOPS. Today's was fine - more singing (great for me, although I only knew one song; almost too much for JB) and super sweet people! I can already see becoming friends with two other SAHMs I met...but it's very weird not to have an overwhelming "THIS IS IT!!!" feeling. We are absolutely LOVING life here, but I am missing the comfort of NCC & Trinity on Sunday mornings still...

I honestly feel like SUCH a big chunk of my heart is still at NCC. My spirit is almost heavy over it... I don't know how to go forward, (b/c leaving NCC last year was going right back to Trinity = not going forward, either.) I can't wrap my head around the fact that we were still at NCC this month last year!!! :'( Seems like 5 years ago... I can't shake feeling this way...

I *am* finding so much fulfillment in the Lenten daily devotional Journey to the Cross, though! Writers Andy & Amy Dodson-Watts are really speaking to me:

Creating God, guide me as I observe this Lent with self-reflection, confession, prayer, and works of love. Amen.

Often we travel too fast through the really important places in our lives, especially if those places look like a desert, where nothing seems to grow. Yet if we slow down, we might just find that the landmarks in our spiritual wilderness become meeting places with God.

God, forgive me for avoiding you. Slow me down. Prepare my heart for your presence, your love, and your joy. Amen.

Wilderness is a symbol for places and experiences in our lives that bring us silence, fear, uncertainty, and loneliness. It can cause us to withdraw from our relationships with our friends, our family, and from God.
Can it mean something else? Should we ask: “What can the wilderness do for me?”

Then Jesus was led up by the Spirit into the wilderness to be tempted by the devil. He fasted forty days and forty nights, and afterwards he was famished. ~Matthew 4:1-2

People who own horses often provide salt licks for them. Horses tend to drink less water in winter because of the cold, and dehydrate more quickly in summer because of the heat. Salt helps the body retain water, but it also replenishes minerals caused by dehydration. Salt not only nourishes bodies but also teaches them to seek what they need.
Jesus was led into the wilderness, isolated from the clamor of life's demands. He was led, possibly without knowing why, by the Spirit that intercedes when we need it. In the wilderness he was confronted with more than hunger; he was tempted to forsake his calling.
Often we don’t know why we enter into wildernesses that come our way. Often our wilderness is emotional, like anger. Or it is physical, like sickness. Other times, it is spiritual, like guilt and shame. Like Jesus, sometimes we feel depleted when we act on the Spirit’s urging, but the wilderness is a place where we might learn the most about ourselves.

Beautiful and loving God, I hunger for healing. I thirst for you. Lead me to you, like the deer to water. Amen.

We have been told in the letter to the Hebrews that Jesus journeyed to this unfamiliar place before us as a forerunner on our behalf. Wherever you are, Jesus waits for you as the “sure and steadfast anchor” of your soul.
Trust him.

And finally, re: Daylight Savings from my cousin on FB: I saw this quote by a wise Native American: "Only a white man would cut the end off a blanket, sew it on the other end, and believe he has more blanket."

Amen! :-P

Friday, March 11, 2011


Today, Will lost his 3rd tooth (a big front one!), played 3rd base, and won his 3rd t-ball game (another huge win: 20-9!)

The Tooth Fairy LUCKILY is prepared with her magic glitter fairy dust; but Will thinks he should get $1 instead of $.50, "since it's such a big one." OK, I know we have a relatively cheap fairy, :-P but I don't like the idea of slowly creeping up the money scale...

For good measure, here's Princess Pumpkin Peach downtown after lunch today, too:

She is so in love with the turtles around town!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spelling Work

I'm not showing off Will's spelling homework b/c I'm proud; his penmanship is extra awful & rushed this week. They have to write each of their words 3 times and then use it in a sentence they make up completely on their own. No help from parents...thus completely absolving me from all responsibility for his sentence using "many". His sweet teacher's comment was the icing on the cake! (Click to enlarge, if you need to see it bigger.)

Magnificent Moments

My hometown girlfriend, Jamie, captured the most amazing shots at Will's t-ball game. My words won't do them justice, so here...

That last one is like a dream come true for me!
BTW - Will's team won HUGE Monday night! They didn't even get to bat the bottom of their last inning, b/c they were so far ahead, they called the game. Hoping it wasn't beginners' luck... ;-)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Kids' Bday Parties

Nothing breaks my heart like people not showing up for a kid's birthday party. Nothing.

We could have so easily done that. Will got invited to a bday party for a boy in his class this Saturday. Saturday didn't suit us - t-ball in the morning, then Mardi Gras, and my parents were in town. Buuuut, #1 - with Will being "the new kid" in class, I hated to pass up the chance for him to connect & have fun with his classmates; and #2 - it was at the [awesome] local Fun Park, to which the kids have been DYING to go since the day we showed up. So we made the effort...and I am so grateful we did!

Every boy in Will's class was invited, and only Will & one other boy made it. I'm sure everyone else just had the same issues we initially did: opening day of ball & Mardi Gras are just too much... But this little boy is absolutely adorable, and his family was so sweet. We were going to let Will party and then all the rest of us take Annelise around, but his family wouldn't have it. They included us ALL in laser tag, (my 1st time!) go karts, (Annelise & I passed EVERYONE!) pizza, & cake. I felt awful that more of their classmates didn't make it, but I am *so glad* we did! :-)

Family Mardi Gras

Our new town has a Mardi Gras street festival that everyone has been talking about, so with my parents down for a visit this weekend, we went all out after t-ball! Laissez les bons temps rouler!

(With my parents & our formerly-hometown-now-local-here buddies, the Beemers!)

(LaLa & Sissy dancing in the street!)

(The kids had a blast in these giant floating hamster balls!)

T-Ball Opening Day

Saturday was opening day of our Dixie League T-Ball season! (Yes, I am completely aware of how grateful & lucky we are to live in a place now with weather that lets outdoor practice begin mid-February and games begin first of March! God bless the South! :-D) This is the first league & age group that Will has played in where winning matters. A lot. Not only do they keep score, but they are brutal about outs, and there is no coddling whatsoever. (My sweet friend Jamie couldn't take it when a few of the players struck out, (even on a tee: three foul swings & you're done.)) I am a VERY COMPETITIVE person...and I have to admit, I'm *glad* that he's finally old enough to play competitive sports, b/c I get so into it. :-D We live in a hotbed of baseball fever, so I'm not the only one screaming my head off for little kids...and I love not being the lone cheerleader, anymore, too!!!

Watching Will play sports makes my heart want to burst! (Just like when he's up onstage at church or school!) I am so very grateful that he loves doing these things that I always dreamed I'd get to cheer for as a mom...

And yes, they actually WON!!! So here we come, regular season: 3 games A WEEK into May! Intense in every way, but Will is sooo excited: when I told him his next game was already tomorrow, he shouted with joy, "You've got to be kidding me!" This household loves game time. :-)

The Cookie Shoppe

Friday morning, my hometown girlfriend here, Jamie, & I went to lunch at the most delightful sandwich shop ever! The Cookie Shoppe is quintessentially Southern.

It's been there for ages, the walls are filled with WWII-era newspaper front pages & area memoribilia, the decor is old school. I felt like I was back in my hometown at one of the old places that disappeared 25 years ago. The ceiling even stole my heart: tin tile, a la Charleston. I took this pic through the window yesterday while we were downtown for Mardi Gras. (It was closed, but my mom wanted a peek. :-))
Their menu is classic: egg salad, chicken salad, & pimento cheese sandwiches, cold cut subs on fresh homemade bread, homemade soups, and and homemade cookies that come with every meal, (hence The Cookie Shoppe). I still can't get over not only how good their egg salad, chicken salad, & vegetable beef soup were, but how being there made me feel so wonderfully at home: classically old-school Southern.

Sectional Personality

My BFF Tina & I were browsing couches last month at IKEA, (while the kids were in Småland - YAY!) Our couches get A TON of wear, and we seem to get new ones about every 5 years. 2001, 2006... Woohoo! On top of a move, yep - it's time. :-) She was talking about getting a sectional, and I'd never actually considered one before...but the more I thought, the more perfect it sounded.

"I have a very sectional personality." ;-) I like everyone all snuggled up together in a big nest. Segregated seating feels cold & cut-off to me. When we have a couch & love seat, one is always completely unused, (except occasionally by the dog.) So why bother? Why not get a sectional, which is more space than a 3-seater couch, that we'll actually use all of, and have it be significantly cheaper than the double set?

Enter our new leather sectional with recliners (JB's request) on either end. (Not from IKEA, though; from Turner's.) I looooove this couch, (and the fact that my whole family is snuggling lazily on it together while I type this. :-))

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Cat in the Hat Day

Today was "Cat in the Hat Day" at school to celebrate Theodor Seuss Geisel's birthday:

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Magnolia Morning

Annelise dressed herself this morning:

She looks like a combination of Ouiser Boudreaux about to garden and a lady on Derby Day! :-D ♥

After I took her to school, I needed to pick up some fresh produce. Closest store to her school? The Piggly Wiggly! It makes me smile! (Too bad I didn't need any pork & beans...)