Annelise's Dance Recital

Annelise had her year-end dance recital tonight! Wouldn't you be shocked if I came back reporting it was anything other than precious and wonderful? :-P No worries - it was. ;-)

Grandma & Grandpa sent her sweet flowers:

I felt like a rockstar mom: did her hair & makeup and got her costume on so Daddy could take her early while I taught my 5:45 Zumba class, and I still made it to my [reserved!] seat in the auditorium with time to spare! Woohoo!

Backstage with her friends:

Her ballet recital number, "Lipstick is Fun" (she's the 2nd one in from the left)

Her tap recital number, "Leave It To Me" (she's the 2nd one in from the left - slightly irritated that a backstage mom didn't snip that super long piece of fringe hanging off her skirt...)

I know the stage lights washed out their faces on video, but I am *SO GLAD* that Annelise is one of the super smilers who steals the show, instead of one of the girls with namby-pamby movements (esp. weak arms! oooo, dance teacher pet peeve!) and one who never smiles. [Nothing is worse than watching a girl dance with half her heart & no smile onstage. I mean, WHO thinks that's OK?!?! *stepping off my soapbox*] Annelise had a ball, and it showed! So pleased & proud!!!

PS - best recital commentary ever, a la Will: "That girl looks like Kaden." "That girl looks like Billy's brother." [All baseball guys :-P And the best part? He was pretty right on! :-D]


  1. So sweet - glad it went well! Those flowers are beautiful!!


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