Football Float on the 4th

Our family's football team came together this 4th of July to decorate a float (trailer w/ hay bales) and ride in a little local 4th of July parade! It was AMAZING! You don't get any more spirited than football players, cheerleaders, flags, poms, homemade posters, & and small town fans. :-) Pure Americana. ♥

Decorating prep time:
[I've got the spirit with my red poms! ;-)]
[Some of my cheerleaders ♥]

Lining up the parade...
Looking forward:
Looking back:

I can't believe we don't have pics of us in motion along the route! :'( I couldn't snap any, though, b/c I was too busy waving poms & dancing, and the boys were too busy waving flags. :-D We put our Block Rocker up onboard, too, and I think we were the only float rocking out to festive tunes. :-)

So, get this - we won the biggie: Best Overall Float!!!!!! *And* the Most People on a Cool Float Award :-D (Yes! They were real awards - each with $15 gift cards. We'll use the one to the local candy shop for the whole team and give the one to a local gift shop to the football fam who provided the trailer for the float. :-)) GO FALCONS!!!

[Can I just say, again, how thankful I am that God continues to fulfill everything I prayed for in my ideal family life?! Us spending tons of amazing family time together in a place we adore, making precious memories, bonding with a team we coach and loving families of friends. ♥]


  1. Sounds like a fabulous 4th!!

  2. How fun! And congratulations on your award!

  3. I have to apologize for being a terrible friend and especially for not keeping up with my blog reading!!!

    Your float looked adorable and I know the kids (and grown ups!) had a blast! So good to see you happy!!!

  4. Thanks, y'all!!! It really was so much fun for all of us!!!

    Michelle - STOP IT! ;-) :-P


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