Happy Birthday TO ME!!!

Happy birthday to me!!! :-D Tuesday was my 35th - yay!!! Birthdays aren't the least bit upsetting to me. Maybe it's b/c I usually find myself being the "baby" in my groups of friends, so when my birthday actually rolls around, I'm a little surprised that I'm "only" turning that age now. :-P

I took this selfie after teaching Zumba Monday: (excuse my glow ;-))

I have to say, 35 looks better on me than even 25, or especially 15!!! :-D (Cliché but true: thank you, Zumba! ;-))

To celebrate my bday at Zumba today, I had the cafĂ© make smoothie shots and bring them up in the middle of my class for all my participants on silver platters! Those ladies make me so happy to teach, and I wanted them to feel as special as they make me feel!!! ♥ Also, before class I discovered I had lost my Polar FT4 heart rate monitor watch (just the watch, I had the chest strap; must've fallen out of my bag on Monday) ...but the blessed Maria, who is in charge of housekeeping, had found it Monday in the locker room and saved it for me in her purse!!! Talk about saving the day!!! I lovelovelove where I teach ♥ SUCH great people!!!!!

JB absolutely rocked my bday surprises yesterday: calla lilies (my fave! purple = my fave color, white = carried in our wedding) and cake balls with my MONOGRAM in icing!!! Soooo *me*!!!!!

More blessings flow: JB's parents sent me a card to Sally Beauty!!! I am *sooo* ready to pounce now on the next Gelish collection that tickles my fancy!!! :-) ♥ THANK YOU!!!

I also got this from my alma mater :-D Heehee! Go Wildcats! ;-)

And my annual Beauty Insider bday gift email from Sephora:

I also got a free bowl at Genghis Grill (a Mongolian barbeque restaurant), buy-3-get-3-free at Kolache Factory, one free Sbux drink (you *KNOW* it'll be a venti 8-pump no water chai!!!), and a free large pizza from Grimaldi's!

What are your favorite free birthday deals? (Anything else I need to sign up for next year??? ;-))


  1. Happy birthday, Sues! It looks like you had a wonderful day!

  2. THANK YOU, Nikki!!! I did! :-)

  3. I've been out of town, but wanted to wish you a belated "Happy Birthday!" Looks like you had a great day!!

  4. Thank YOU, Tracey!!! As I type this, I'm *STILL* eating cake balls!!!!!!! :-O :-D

  5. Happy Birthday! It looks like you had an awesome day. I get a birthday deal from Aveda...you have to sign up for their free rewards program, and you can get free stuff from them when going to one of their stores (samples and/or their aromatic perfume, if I remember correctly). Turbo gets a discount at the local pet store for *her* birthday. ;) I also get discounts from a few local restaurants. Some do it w/ postcards/emails, others you know about it by word of mouth (ie, free entree or app on the day of your birthday).

  6. Oh, yeah!!! I forgot about Aveda! I got their free perfume for 4 or 5 years. (They used to also give you a free chair massage & makeup application - it was like a spa day!!! But that stopped I think 2004?) I loved going in there to customize my scent - different every single time! Awww, I should update my info w/ them for next year. :-)

  7. I just got a $5 coupon in the mail from DSW for my birthday, so that's one you could look into as well if there is one near you.


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