Carolina Randoms

Random shareworthies from our Carolina trip:

* I am now obsessed with sugar bacon. Crisp bacon with a solid, clear (not brûléed) sugar coating. Not maple, either. (I have a bizarre maple aversion. Bleck! I want NOTHING maple. :-P) Just clear sugar. And it's pure heaven, seen here a la BrickTop's in Charlotte with equally divine deviled eggs:
(There was a lot more on the plate before I got around to snapping this smiley pic. ;-))

* I am also now obsessed with barkTHINS snacking chocolate, specifically the Blueberry Quinoa a la Costco, although I'd be thrilled to try the pumpkin seed, too.

* Talk about making it a priority to see friends: a mutual friend of both mine & my mom knew I was in town. Long story short, she was at a wedding last weekend, needed makeup, & purposely bought Estée Lauder so that she could get the free Lilly Pulitzer tote bag gift for me!!! I mean, how sweet is that?!?! It was so nice to get to chat in person (we stay in touch on FB, but like with Marcus, it's extra special face-to-face) and hear all about her upcoming move to Raleigh. There aren't words for how lucky I feel to have people who think of me like this in my life, even when I haven't seen them in person in ages. ♥ (It had been two years.)

* I did actually Zumba while on vacay! I was so excited that my mom's neighbor wanted me to teach her my class a few times. What a blessing for both of us. :-D

* Speaking of Zumba, I worked on choreography for both Zumba & cheer on both airplane flights. :-D I'm sure the people across the aisles were a bit...curious ;-) but I now have the dance set that I'm going to teach all of the girls in the whole league at Cheer Camp, as well as the dance I'm going to teach all of the cheer coaches on our Coach Certification Day, and both songs edited & cut down to the requisite 2 minutes. Hello, wifi-less productivity!


  1. What a cute bag! And while your plane neighbors might have been, ah, "curious," at least you got your routines down! That's a great use of time!

  2. Nikki, I was honestly SOOO glad to get those dances done!!! HUGE relief! :-D


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