Father's Day 2014

My dad's been gone for 17 years now, but Father's Day doesn't make me sad. ♥ JB is an amazing father - always ready to play with his children & literally carry them anywhere. :-) He's also such a dedicated football coach to ~20 other boys, getting up at 3:30 AM on work days so he can leave work in time to run football practice every day during football season. I'm so honored he's ours!!!

We hate not being with him in person today, but we are VERY thankful for FaceTime!!! We had hidden his Father's Day surprises under the bed before we left (b/c I knew he'd never look under there! ;-)) and when we called this morning, we got to watch his face light up reading the story Will wrote for him and opening one of the greatest gift surprises EVER: Falcons (our youth football team) floor mats for his new truck! :-D Totally unexpected, totally useful, totally perfect!!! (Gifts are my 2nd biggest love language after Words of Affirmation, so I get *REALLY* excited when we can give a GREAT one! :-))

We were also thankful to get to share this day in person with Grandaddo! We took him to brunch at Ilios Noche:
(Photo credit: Will :-))

He loves us so very much, and we are always excited for the adventures he comes up with...like Reed Gold Mine! (Oooo! Details next post! ;-))


  1. What great gifts - bet your husband loved them!!

  2. Oh my! 3.30!! When does he go to bed? And when does he come home? I'm contemplating getting a 7-4.15 job, that is a 1h45 min drive from here. But then I'll live in the work town during the work weeks - I thought there was no way I could handle the early mornings. But JB does? Every day?? Tell me more!!

  3. He was truly surprised & excited, Tracey! :-)

    Henriettæ, he falls asleep on the couch while we watch TV by 9 PM. ;-) He leaves work by 3 PM to get home to change for football; he has a 20-30 minute commute. (He takes a power nap for ~30-45 min, if he has time, too.) We're at football from about 4:45-7:30 PM. This is only March-May and August-November, though - not every single workday of the year, :-)


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