Off My Wall: 1st Week of June

Random shareworthies for the week on my mind and off my FB wall:

* Last weekend, we worked our youth football league's last walk-up registration day. It ended up being awesome, b/c I asked all my girls to come by at some point b/t 10 AM & 3 PM to get their 2014 Cheer Camp shirts (one less thing I have to organize orders, sizes, & $ for the 1st week of Aug; *LOVE* having my squad already set for this!!!) We have six new girls this year, and I actually got to meet five of them in person for the first time - really sweet! One of their moms got all excited when five of our girls were all there at the same time (should've been six! Annelise was running around somewhere :-/) and snapped this:
I love their enthusiasm for us! Yay, Falcons!

* After working all day, the boys went to a movie while Annelise & I had GIRLS NIGHT OUT! We went to dinner at Grimaldi's and had gelato at D’Amico’s - mmmmm! Sitting out on the patio by the lake was heavenly, and Annelise got to do her favorite there - play with a ball of pizza dough:
(Love that face...)

* Our school year ended on Thursday, much to Annelise's dismay :'( ...but she was still so happy to be there with one of her classroom BFFs earlier in the week:

* I ate my 1st two green zebra tomatoes & my 1st black cherry tomato from our backyard on Wednesday. It's a MIRACLE I've remembered to water them enough to get anything!!! :-D I also harvested some of JBs serranos, b/c they were beginning to turn red:

* How do y'all celebrate the 1st full day of summer? Me: making the kids completely clean out their closets, hang all their laundry, clean the playroom, clean their own rooms & organize their shelves. *Mother of the Year* :-D (I did let them off the hook to set aside instead of hang up all their clothes for NC this next week. #benevolent ;-)) Annelise has a huge new pile now to donate, and we can be free to play the rest of the summer! ...Or until they mess it all up, again. ;-) Good, fresh start!

* Speaking of summer, I've been in a swimsuit conundrum: my purple top from last year looks like a tent on me now (you might think that's a happy thing, but it's really not :-P) so after trying on an exhausting number of options at Target & Old Navy, I was excited to find this Lilly tankini top for only $15 in a FB Lilly consignment group:
Lilly doesn't even have any tankini tops currently (not that I would pay full $ for one, anyway - they are $128!!! :-O) so I just super scored!!! And I can pair it with this skirtini bottom I saw at Target. Yes, I am a total bathing suit prude. I do not want my midriff or derrière hanging out, even if they are a little more toned than they used to be. :-P

* Will was a Baby on Friday: "I carried a watermelon." ;-)
Nobody puts Will in a corner. :-P

* What better way to spend Belmont morning than on horseback?! The local Cowgirls (who perform in our local rodeo & parades all year - think "drill team on horseback") let us ride while we set up with our youth football league's NFL Play 60 event Saturday! Annelise totally fell in love:
They let me canter around on my own, since I actually knew how to post :-) but western rein-handing is sooo different than hunt seat! They apparently need them way looser; I was all about holding a little pressure at first, and that horse was like, "Whaaat?!" I'd rather stick with English. ;-)

* After horsing around, touching snakes & other animals from the Armand Bayou Nature Center (fantastic staff!), and playing football with a few NFL players at our local Play 60 event, we drove down to Chinatown for bánh mì, bao, and bubble tea! ♥
Mmmm! It was so good, and there are SO MANY different bubble tea & bánh mì (Vietnamese sub sandwich) restaurants that we're making a tasting weekend out of it, going back again on Sunday. ;-)