Party Time! Thankful + Team + Tree

We've had a lot to celebrate in the last week!

At our kids' school, they get two classroom parties a year: a Thankful Party now & then the other around Valentine's. Since I'm a Homeroom Parent, I get to run Annelise's parties. (I'm also one for Will's class, but 5th Grade doesn't do crafts & games - they've earned the tween right to all just hang out together & talk in the cafeteria for their party. ;-)) For Annelise's 3rd Grade class, we played pumpkin bowling (rolling pie pumpkins (balls) at toilet paper rolls (pins)), did a silly pumpkin decorating game, and made our own trail mix (rice chex, goldfish, marshmallows, pretzels, chocolate chips, & candy corn = must be nut-free.) I have to say, now that I am officially embarrassing to Will, I am SO THANKFUL that Annelise still thinks I'm the coolest mom EVER. :-D (Bonus points: she told me the night of the Thankful Party that all the kids in her class think I'm the nicest, too. I will take that unsolicited praise to heart...and reflect back on this in a few years when they all become too cool for me, too. ;-)) For now, how cute are they?! (& one with Will, b/c his party was over before hers, so he came to help for a few min.)

We also had our 2014 Falcons Football & Cheer End-of-Season Party:
So *NOW* this season is truly over...although in January I'm officially running to take over the entire cheer program for the whole League. WHAT?!?! :-P I know, right... :-D #sucker

Finally, we put up our Christmas tree! It's amazing how ridiculously happy this makes our household!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
Our tree always goes up the Saturday before Thanksgiving, except for last year, b/c we had football still (the season started later) & then we left after the game that day for Disney!!! ♥ [Awww, I can hardly believe that we were there a whole year ago! SUCH a FANTASTIC trip!!!]

When do you put up your tree? My mom will Grinch out anyone & everyone she can when it comes to Christmas décor before Thanksgiving, but I could not care less. :-P I will not accept that rain on my festive parade! I don't mind whenever anyone else likes to do it; we started putting ours up the Saturday before Thanksgiving the first year we were married, and it just suits us. Of course, you can't do that with a live tree, but I love my artificial (even though I grew up with real ones) simply b/c it lasts, is way cheaper (we're on year 4 with this 7.5 ft one we got for under $100), doesn't shed as much, and won't dry out & catch fire. :-D I agree with what my friend, Jackie, said re: why she has decorated now: then she's not rushing in December and never feels like "she's behind." It's just enjoyment. ♥ For me, having the tree up is holiday décor success! We don't do too much outside or all over the house, b/c 1) we don't entertain much, and 2) "it's just a rental." Even though we've been here for over 2 years now, we still don't ever feel like investing in more for this house, b/c it's not really ours. We have tons of grand plans for whenever it becomes feasible for us to buy, again, but for now, it's the tree & the nativity, and they make us happy. :-)


  1. We still do a live tree, so we typically buy it the day after Thanksgiving and get it up and decorated over the weekend. Looking forward to it!!

  2. I can't wait to see pics! A live tree smells so divine!!!


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