Cheer Camp 2016 & Stunt Certification

CHEER CAMP 2016 is in the books! 300 girls, 9 hours, 2 sessions of 4 cheers, jumps, arms, & 1 dance each = 5 happily exhausted, proud, & satisfied Cheertators:

Tons of girls:

We taught them our new Hello Cheer for this season:

And our dance that we'll be performing at Opening Ceremonies in two weeks on 8/13. It's a mashup of four songs from the late 90's and early 2000's, b/c this year is our cheer program's 20th anniversary:

We also asked our families to participate in Operation Backpack, again, this year:

Since Will's Falcons have graduated to play junior high football, our girls have graduated now, too, to become Dream Team Pink! Only 2 of the 18 Senior Varsity football teams in our youth league have cheer this year, so we're going to rotate around to cheer for as many teams possible this season! It felt AWESOME to have most of my squad back together, & they were performance rockstars at Camp while I taught the rest of the league. SO PROUD & SO EXCITED for this season!

Rewind back to the night before Cheer Camp: we also held a Stunt Certification clinic for all of our cheer coaches! This was HUGE, b/c it's the FIRST time our league has offered anything like this. We are really raising the bar on quality, training, & safety!!! I'm most proud of this this year. The head coach of Annelise's cheer gym led the training, and everything he taught us was pure gold!

There may be one more pic floating around somewhere of me flying up in a prep... ;-) (If I can get my hands on it, I will soooo share it! :-D)


  1. Lots of neat cheer stuff going on!! (Would love to see that pic of you flying ;)


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