Mid-April Us

*Last Friday evening was shockingly cheer-free, so Annelise & I were able to see a BFF's daughter in her junior high school play: "And a Child Shall Lead"
It's actually about the Holocaust, which I have studied so intensely over the years, starting with my German major in college. (I haven't, yet, discovered what God wants me to *do* with all of the knowledge I have on this topic, but I feel like I have this inexplicable, imperative duty to glean as much as I can on this facet of history.)

*I pulled into the gym last Monday morning, got out of the truck, & heard a crazy WOOOOSHing noise. It was LOUD. I couldn't see any damage, but it was clearly the right rear & had *just* happened; so instead of my initial workout plans, I went to Discount Tire. 1) Thankful it happened on a short, local drive on my day off, instead of a day when I go into the city & must be there on time. 2) Thankful I went right there instead of working out first & handling this later. (I was tempted for a split second! :-P) 3) Thankful our trusty tire place is less than a mile from the gym. Here's the culprit. What on earth? No one has a clue...

*My allergy cough is awful, but I'm so thankful I still made it fairly strong through all of my Zumba classes last week, even with diminished lung capacity! I'm self-medicating with ginger oolong bubble tea ;-)

*I got to hug my Dad (& my great uncle!) at my Grandmommy's house in my dream last Wednesday night. I wish he came to me more often in my dreams - it's only every few years - but it was so real & tangible. Like my mom says: "Those visits are few and far between, but they bring such a sense of joy and peace. Truly divine." ❤️ He will have been gone 20 years this week...

*Thursday was my & John Blake's 15th WEDDING ANNIVERSARY!!! 🎉❤️ We started dating when I was 19, and that was 19 years + 1 month ago = we've been together literally half of my life... and I can't express how secure that makes me feel. ❤ Here's some of our wedding pics to our wedding song, "Highland Cathedral" - yes, we had an actual bagpiper!!!

*Annelise was bouncing off the walls with excitement over learning how to fly in basket tosses at cheer this week!!! New level 2 skills are "the most fun EVER!" :-D This 2nd season is already rocking her world to new heights!

*On Saturday, she did a special cheer clinic with Claw6 from Cheer Athletics. (They won Worlds last year & are defending their title, again, in 2 weeks! Here they are winning their NCA in Dallas in Feb: https://youtu.be/-VAj_ZH3png They're an IOC 6 team: International Open Coed Level 6 - all adults, all super successful coaches with gyms all over the place, who come together for this team.) They had so many amazing tips for little adjustments that make such a quality difference! Being around this caliber of athlete was so motivating - she spent the rest of the afternoon stretching. :-D

*Annelise has discovered the calming joy that is Bob Ross! ❤ Soothing us to sleep with happy little trees...


  1. Happy (belated) anniversary!! Hope the rest of your April is great!


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