NCA Nationals Action Pro Pics

I definitely have the post-NCA blues! I'm not gonna lie – I wish Annelise & I were still there, competing on Power & Extreme and esp. just enjoying the time together. (We absolutely missed JB & Will, but they stayed home for his big basketball game.) We were our own family team for the weekend: figuring out the rail system, making sure we would be early for every check in & event, going with the flow, exploring wide-eyed & taking in the spectacle of 30,000 cheerleaders & their families, spending time with our teammates & friends, along with enjoying our singular mother-daughter adventures [like deciding to hit the hotel gym at *10:30 PM* when we were too pumped to sleep after finals! & the successful city search for a REAL Sbux with my chai & her bacon Gouda sandwich (not just a kiosk with "Sbux brand coffee" :-D) in between performing & awards!] Competing at NCA is such an honor, and I'm so proud of how she rocked FOUR performances with Power & Extreme without caving to the pressure, how she rose up & performed with more passion & intensity than ever! I just can't wait for her to do it, again, and neither can she!!! #NCAnationals #theworkisworthit

Until next time, check out these awesome pro pics from Extreme!!! Y'all - there are OVER 500. This is me desperately trying to pare down. :-P There are so many that show the whole team in clear action:

And these that show exactly what I meant when I said she had upped her showmanship to a whole new level! These expressions... One of her coaches pulled me aside Day 2 and said, "She blew us away! She is going to be something GREAT!" ♥



  1. Those are some great pics!!! Annelise and I share a love for the Sbux Gacon Gouda sandwich :)

  2. Very nice! It looks like her team did a great job and had a lot of fun!


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