American Cheer Power: HUGE NEWS!

Annelise’s cheer team had their second competition of the season this last Saturday ...and I won’t even make you wait for it: Heat won FIRST PLACE Senior 2 *AND* HIGH POINT CHAMPIONS at American Cheer Power!!!
(Heat moms! :-D)

It feels so satisfying this year to always go up against a number of teams – 5 in Senior 2 and 20 overall in Level 2 that we beat to get High Point champs!

Her passion for her sport makes me teary... Her athleticism blows me away!

(When Annelise flipped up into her elite stunt, her pony flipped over her face! She was completely blind!!! Cannot believe she didn’t fall out of the sky!!! Alex & Kat are so strong to hold her up when you KNOW she was unsteady!!!!)

(Cradle down & hair flipped back :-D)

(Prepping basket toss)

(Barrel roll)

(Pyramid power!)

This win was a *big* deal: since Heat was a High Point champion at this particular eligibility comp, we’re in the running for a Summit bid! Summit is the highest pinnacle of invite-only, all-star cheer competitions! You have to EARN a bid to attend (in May at Disney!!!) Highly coveted. Hard to come by. (We were nowhere NEAR being in contention last year!) Just being considered is an honor...

In the meantime, back to practice, b/c our 3rd comp is actually THIS coming Saturday! :-O (But then only 1 in Dec, 1 in Jan, 2 in Feb, & the last in Mar...unless we also have Summit in May!!! :-D ;-))

When do we find out???



  1. So excited for ya'll and this big cheer win!!! Hope y'all have another great showing on Saturday!

  2. Thanks, y’all!!! Don’t miss my next post in the morning!!! :-D


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