NCA 2018

Annelise’s team, Heat, didn’t have the NCA outcome in Dallas last weekend that they dreamed of, but I am SO PROUD of how they fought and how they will continue to RISE UP all the way to fulfilling their Summit bid (at the invitation-only *world championships* for levels 1-4) at Disney in May. I think she’s amazing...

Joyous candid moments to remember: Heat hit zero on Day One!!! The girls bounded off the mat, and we all cried-happy together:

Then Annelise got to fan-girl Top Gun TGLC & Cheer Athletics Cheetahs, meet one of her most fave Great Whites from “Cheer Squad”, and play in a Sally Beauty room:

Next comp: March 24-25.


  1. Despite the outcome, I'm glad y'all had some fun moments together! I know y'all are counting down the days till that next competition, and I'm confident they'll bounce back and be GREAT!!!


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